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Are you a single in London and above 45? Then this is the right group for you. \

Apparently, singles live more fulfilled lives as they have better social connections, that’s if we are not Netflix addicted. Let’s get off that couch and meet others, we are after all interesting, fun and we have a lot to share. \

Join me to build the largest meet up group of 45+ singles in London. \

We are organising nights out, arts events, walks, festival attendance, dinners, and lots more. \

Join and tell others at our age, the more people join, the more interesting the events will become. Please note, to keep the group running we will be charging a min. of £1.50 for each participant per meet-up. Follow us on twitter @Singles45 (45+ Singles in London).

We will adhere to the governance guidance at every events at all times. Government suggestions . Please make sure you bring a face mask to each event in case you need it.

Please ONLY sign up to events if you intend to attend. Late cancellations may result in you being removed from the group. We now have a two strikes policy.

We do not normally cancel events in this group but there may be circumstances where we feel we absolutely have to. If the cancellation is our fault, e.g. the organiser is ill, we will offer some form of compensation for your £1.50 but if there are external reasons for cancelling an event such as really bad weather or Covid restrictions tightening up again, no compensation will be offered.
However, please be assured that we are not taking cancellations lightly and we will only result to that if it is absolutely necessary.

Please also take some time to read our group etiquette:

1. Let us know if you cannot make it 
It is not fair to keep the organisers wondering whether or not you may show up. If you change your mind, please let us know either by changing your RSVP or by sending a text. However, cancellations should be no later than 2 days before the event to enable other people to plan their attendance. Please keep in mind that going forward, we will be removing everyone from the group who cancels at short notice twice. Removing you from the group will also result in you losing the pre-paid maintenance fee as that is non-refundable. If you had all intentions of attending but you find yourself not able to do so, text your organiser as soon as possible.

2. Respect and appreciation 
In this group respect is key. That means respect for everyone who attends but also for the organiser of the event. Our events are mostly free of charge. Please consider that your organiser is running this event in their own time voluntarily and show them some appreciation. We are not a commercial group, we are doing this because we like it.

3. Only message members if they have agreed to it
Please do not contact members unless they have agreed to it. Please be considered and remember we are  not a dating group but singles who want to spend time in each others company.

4. Participation for any event will be at your own risk
Your participation in any of our events is at your own risk. It is for you to assess whether you are fit enough to participate in any of our events.

5. Consider the volume of your communication
Our wonderful event organisers will provide you with all the information you need in the event description. You are of course welcome to clarify things with us but please consider the volume of your communication. We are organising these events because we enjoy it but we are expecting you to assume responsibility as well of course. Our job is to simply find the venue/event, to tell you about it and to welcome you on the day, that is why we are not charging. 
Also, we cannot influence venue policies and externally organised events.

6. Be on time 
Please try to be on time. It is not fair to expect the whole group to wait for you. We usually leave on time. If you have not arrived by then, you will have missed the event. We do not offer possibilities to join the group later or catch up with us unless you can do that without communication with the organiser. Please refrain from contacting the organiser after the meet up time.

7. Add a picture to your profile 
Organising a meeting is difficult if we have to guess what someone may look like. If you don't have a picture on your profile please consider adding one to make our lives easier. I am currently only approving new members with a photo.

Upcoming events (4+)

Friendly Summer Potluck with Jazz Music in Regents Park (The Mardi Gras Band)

Needs a location


Join us for The Great Summer Jazz Potluck at Regents Park!

Bring a delicious homemade or bought dish to share and a cool drink to go with it!

Meet new people, relax with new or old friends, and enjoy the Mardi Gras Jazz Band music in one of London’s prettiest parks!

We’ll gather by the Sherlock Holmes statue at Baker Street underground station at 2.30pm and make our way into the park straightaway so that to be already sitting and relaxing by the time the band starts playing at 3.30pm.

For this not to be just another event but a memorable time amongst friends, BE KIND TO YOURSELF, GENEROUS WITH OTHERS AND RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE’S EFFORTS….Don’t bring just a bunch of bananas!

As a rule of thumb, think of your dish serving about 10 or so portions, e.g. a cake, quiche or pizza cut into slices, or a big Tupperware of pasta, salad, curry, etc.

Also bring along a bottle of water, AND a bottle of whatever you like to drink: Juice, Prosecco, Wine, Beers, Sodas…

Remember to take with you the serving utensils for your dish and a rug or folding chair to sit on.

I will bring plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, French Baguettes, and cheese!

As always please only sign up if you are intending to attend, the £1.50 is a none refundable maintenance fee.

We would appreciate it if you cancelled no later than 2 days before the event and to please avoid cancelling on the day as that may get you removed from the group.

The gathering will start at 2.30pm and we will leave at that time. Once we are on the move, we will not check our phones and it will be difficult to catch up with us there. So please be on time.

Please also note, that we are not encouraging dogs at our events as we have to consider all participants’ feelings.

Hyde Park to Primrose Hill 7 mile walk & drinks

Needs a location


IMPORTANT – change of start location, due to the recent discovery of a hidden gem in Kensington Gardens the walk will now start from the Bayswater Road entrance to Kensington Gardens opposite Queensway Tube station. This change is being made so we can incorporate a visit to the stump of a 900-year-old oak tree, which has been carved and painted to look as though elves, gnomes, fairies and small animals are living in its bark. The carving was completed in 1930 and lifelong fan Spike Milligan led a successful campaign to have it restored in 1996, doing much of the work himself leading a small team on Saturday mornings. It has also appeared inside the cover of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album.

Join us for a pleasant 7 Mile walk through Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Regents Park then up to Primrose Hill for a fantastic panoramic view of the Central London skyline as well as Hampstead and Belsize Park.

The walk will pass through some wonderful gardens, around the lakes as well as passing various statues and memorials located in both parks. We will stop halfway when we get to Regents Park for some lunch, there are a couple of cafés in the park where you can grab something, or you can bring your own and we will find somewhere picturesque to eat. After lunch we will continue through Regents Park and up Primrose Hill to take in the fantastic view. We will then make our way back down the hill and take a different route through Regents Park where we will end the walk at the Green Man Pub for a well-earned drink.

We will meet inside the entrance to Kensington Gardens by Black Lion Gate at 11:00. At a slow pace with a lunch stop the walk should finish around 15:00 at the Green Man. https://www.greeneking-pubs.co.uk/pubs/greater-london/green-man/

As always, please only sign up if you are planning to attend, the £1.50 is a non-refundable maintenance fee.
We would appreciate it if you cancelled no later than 2 days before the event.

Dancing City Canary Wharf & Early Dinner/ Drinks

Needs a location


Join me for the dance performance event of the year in Canary Wharf. Dancing City has been running for a number of years now and every year there are more beautiful performances to see than the year before. The event is organised by Canary Wharf and completely free. If you like watching modern dance than this is the event not to be missed.

There are 12 performances this year and starting at Reuters Plaza I will device a route that will allow us to see as many of them as possible.

Because this event has become very popular, it is rather crowded and there will not be much time in between performances to pick up snacks, you will have to bring food and drinks therefore. However, I have also booked a table for 20 of us at the Brewdog for drinks and an early dinner afterwards from 5.30pm.

The performances are all outside and most of the time we will be standing but sometimes seating is provided. The dancing starts at 1pm, please therefore try to be on time as we will not be able to wait.

Please also note that the Jubilee Line has two entrances, Reuters Plaza is the one by the world clocks. There is also an Alchemist close by. If you cannot see us at arrival you are probably at the wrong entrance.

Can I please also ask that you do not cancel with less than 2 days notice so that we can provide the restaurant with numbers.

Classic Boat Festival St Katherine's Dock

Needs a location


Join me for an afternoon at the St Katherine's Dock Classic Boat show. You will get the chance to see amazing vintage vessels and actually access some of them and speak to their owners. Usually, the Queen's Golden Barge visits, too.

St Katherine's Dock is very small and there will be quite a few people. So we will try to stay together but depending on the group size, we may decide to split up in smaller groups on the day.

We may decide afterwards to go to the pub for a drink and some food. The Charles Dickens Pub is always a good one in that area.

We will meet at Tower Gateway DLR station. I will be waiting outside at the bottom of the stairs with a meet up sign. Please try to be on time as we will be leaving at 1pm and I am not sure whether you will be able to find us in the crowd.

Please try to cancel with no less than 2 days notice so that I can plan this event properly.

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Bloomsbury Gardens 4 Mile walk & drinks

Needs a location


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