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This group is for: Entrepreneurs, founders, hard workers, dreamers, realists, disciplined, risk takers, go getter's. This group is NOT trying to sell you anything. I am not trying to get you to join my "amazing business". Please understand: This is NOT a "lets all try and sell each other something while pretending we are just hanging out" group, so if that is what you are hoping for, keep rolling.

This Meet-up has one primary focus. Help YOU succeed in launching, starting, growing, your business.

My story? I developed, founded, and grew a workplace violence prevention training and consulting business from nothing to something (14yrs now), (www.crisisconsultantgroup.com) which now allows me to live the life I choose, spend time how I want to spend it, and make more money than I ever dreamed possible, while trying to make the world a bit safer.

Expect the Meetup to go like this:

1. Meetup starts on time--try to get there a few minutes early.

2. An awesome guest speaker shares info on whatever they are experienced with and feel would be helpful to the group. Usually about 30 minutes. They open it up for questions if there are any.

3. We then open the group up, network, share lessons learned, share goals and ideas, and help each other grow and expand our creative energy and businesses.

ONE RULE OF FIGHT (4-hr-weeker) CLUB: Don't try to recruit people for your AMAZING business opportunity. Don't get me wrong, networking for legit business help, assistance, etc. is all good. Exchanging business cards, no problem.

Trying to push a scam or MLM get rich deal is a no-go. You will be asked to leave if necessary to preserve the awesome community we have built.

So, in the meantime: Join us on FB here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/4hrVa/

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