What we're about

The purpose of this group is to bring viable patented innovation to the local and global market.

Who should join 4P (Potential, Patent, Prototype, Proceeds)? Anyone wanting to grow, personally, professionally, (strive toward their Potential), and even financially.

At MeetUp Meetings we will discuss the best means to develop patented technology (prototypes), as a group backing a team (we select), executing tactics within strategies within our (already developed, and approved) business plan, to deliver our innovative product to market, and lucrative ROI (read below). The group will of course review, discuss, revise, and adopt, the business plan before proceeding.

We will begin a new project annually (roughly), selecting new partners (4+) with proven professional skills (CV/ References) to better guarantee the group, team, project success.

The first 4P project is a new Cannabis Combuster & Method for Conservation. It is poised to dominate the Cannabis retail industry. Registered with the UK.Gov Intellectual Property Office. Details to be provided.

All project investment includes legal/lawyer fees for contract agreements, and incorporation of business. All business development costs are equally shared, as all business proceeds (excluding patent ownership) are equally portioned among partners, at all levels of development and/ or sale of corp, completion of projects.

Partners are selected to contribute (verifiable) specialties in each field, including:

1. CEO, Design/Production, Management
2. Production/ Business Development, (by close of 1st mtg)
3. Investments/ Finance/ Accounting (--"-- 2nd mtg)
4. Marketing/ Communication/ Sales (--"-- 3rd mtg)

All group members are eligible to apply for partnership within an upcoming project after attending group /project meetings. The partner positions are selected in the above order within the first three weeks / group meetings.

All candidates selected for partnership must prove ability to fund their portion of the project ($3K for prototype development + 1 K for pre and post product launch), immediately for deposit on prototype development (1K for deposit), and 3K within (two to six months) allotted time for prototype completion, and product marketing launch. We are trying to make this possible for anyone with the Right Attitude (and Skills) to participate as a group member, and partner, by stretching out the timeline for financial obligation (as a partner).

All members are encouraged to attend all meetings to be able to offer informed advise from their field of expertise, or feedback, as a group member analyzing the project/product, market, and opportunities, in relation to our launch goals, strategies, etc.

If a member is not able to attend more than two consecutive meetings, their membership will be removed to allow others to participate. This is an active membership group from members, to partners.

There are several planned 4P projects to be launched in the next three years including projects in the Cannabis industry (patented), the washing-machine industry (patented), and the water conservation industry, patented and endorsed by the National Research Council of Canada (thereflow.info).

All project affairs are to be legalized and managed by selected Vancouver law firm.

All questions are encouraged within group discussions and/or at weekly/scheduled meetings.

Thank you.

Ps: ROI on the first project? Please review the forecast diagram posted in group photos and calculate an ultra conservative market penetration %age estimate, of even 1. or 0.5% return, for the first year. Then realize the group/ project is re-defining the cannabis industry landscape with a new (patented) 21-century Water Pipe; essentially, new features (and claims) to an existing already adopted and established item: the Bong.

This new and innovative product is a novel and inventive accessory to the Bong, however it is also prudent, saving the consumer money immediately.

Other verifiable patents/ products are welcome to be proposed at meetings, commencing after 4th meeting. Details upon request.

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4P: Patents, Potential, Prototypes, Proceeds! First Meeting

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