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We are living a new type of industrial revolution that is sweeping through all aspects of our lives and is plating it roots within all industries. Dubbed the 4th industrial revolution by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the digital disruptive technologies, such as AI, VR, IOT, Robotics, Quantum computing, digital biology and so forth y are changing that are changing not only the way we live and work but who we will be in the future.

4iR is born from the belief that collaboration is at the core of what we need to ensure we drive the correct values and decisions across all industries and economies. It is a platform for cross-industry collaboration and exploration for anyone who is interested in drafting the narrative of our futures.

Check out the World Economic Forum video on the the 4th industrial https://youtu.be/kpW9JcWxKq0

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