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Super Megafest w/ Stan Lee, Adrian Paul etc.

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****Update 10/23/12 this event is also listed with Dr. Who Club. Please use message board there if any comments.****

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Supermegafest 10 is a sci-fi convention. It is similar to a Comic-Con, much cosplay, a costume contest, huge dealers' rooms, many guests having talks and signing autographs, concerts, vehicles like a Batcar, Batcycle, General Lee, Bluesmobile, and Mad Max Interceptor. Parking is free. Admission is $23 or $39.

Official site

Megafest 2011 pics

Some guests are:

!Stan Lee! - comic book writer - Guest of Honor

Dean Cain (Superman, Lois & Clark)

Bruce Boxleitner (John Sheridan, Babylon 5)

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, The Legendary Journeys)

David Prowse (Darth Vader's non-fighting body, Star Wars)

Avery Brooks (Ben Sisko, Deep Space Nine)

Sean Young (Rachel, Blade Runner)

Deep Roy (Yoda, Star Wars)

Rusty Goffe (Le Muff, History of the World Part I)

Traci Lords (Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars)

John Amos (Percy Fitzwallace, West Wing)

Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore, Ghostbusters)

John Shipp (Barry Allen, The Flash)

Larry Kenny (Liono, Thundercats)

and many more!