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    Rules for Joining this Group:

    • Must be able to read and write Hangul.

    • Be able to introduce yourself in your target language. 배우는 언어로 자기소개를 할 수가 있어야 해요.

    • Have a picture with your face visible. 프로필 사진에는 얼굴을 보여야 해요.


    This group is about structured speaking and listening practice. 말하기와 듣기도 연습 할수 있는 모임이에요.

    The format is designed to spend an equal amount of time in English and Korean so that the learner can focus on speaking the language and get corrections from a native speaker. Part of the format is trying to say the same things in both languages and practice it many time with different partners. We think that this is a good way to practice both listening and speaking and have a chance to try to incorporate corrections given by each partner.



    • During each conversation try to focus on speaking 100% in that language. If your partner does not understand something or if you need to give an explanation then using the other language is OK. 각 5분씩 대화를 하면서 한가지 언어로 백퍼센트 이야기해 보세요. 상대방이 이해를 못 하면 설명 해주거나 다른 언어로 이야기해도 돼요.

    • Try to help your partner by correcting grammar or telling them what is a more natural way to say something. 상대방이 한 말이 틀렸다면 고쳐주고, 뭐가 더 자연스러운지 상대방에게 알려주세요.


    For more information about our group and our rules visit this page


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