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Dynamic Professionals (Age 50 + Singles)

**Please have a photo on your profile to be accepted as a Dynamic Professional member** I request this for the safety and security of all of our members. If, for some reason you don't feel comfortable posting a photo, email me and I'll provide my phone number to speak to you personally prior to acceptance with our group.

Membership fees - No membership fees at this time.

Removal from group - As the Organizer, it is my sole discretion to remove a member from the group. If I don't feel the member is a "fit", if a member doesn't get along with others, if a member causes undo hostility, if more than one complaint has been voiced about a specific member, just to name a few.

As you can see from our wide variety of past meetups - we have events and adventures for everyone. Favorite places to visit for daytrips and weekend trips, favorite local restaurants-both new and old, group dinners and more intimate dinners, dancing, sporting events, mystery theatres, boat trips, wine tastings, museums, historical sites, movies, theatre, cabarets, musical events (from new age to classical), visits to parks, hiking, skating, go carting, zip lining, paint ball, and the list keeps going. Many more activities to be had in the warmer months.

Check out past events & adventures to wet your appetite and show you what a wonderful group this is. Read the reviews and comments and don't forget to check the photo's from previous events.

RSVPs go fast within this group.

Members should be 50 years of age up to 65, but those numbers aren't set in stone, had to start and end somewhere. You must be an individual that cares about their appearance, has a zest for life, has an ACTIVE and healthy lifestyle and the means to join us for some of our events. Those that enjoy getting together with and being respectful of others. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in anyway. Inappropriate comments and/or other harassment of any member will be grounds for removal from our group.

At times you will be asked to participate in bringing a dish or your beverage of choice. Posts will always give plenty of info and/or suggestions as to the nature of our event and what is needed.

Please share your questions or comments. If anyone has an idea, please share with me and I’ll post and put it out there to see if there’s any interest.

Let your friends know about Dynamic Professionals 50 +, we hope to make this a very popular meet up with a new concept and twists on old concepts. Thanks for your interest!

Warm regards,

Ellen Foster, Organizer

Co Organizers - Barbara Angelico, Jeff Schleidt, Ann Meachum, Bob Hayes, Tony MacDonald, Bryan Gunning,Carl Benson, Gina Ruthen

Upcoming events (5+)

5th Annual Beach Party ~ Rain Date 8/18

Doree's house

5th Annual DYNAMIC PROFESSIONALS BEACH PARTY @ Doree's. Doree is welcoming the group back to her cozy beach house which has a new back porch addition. Since this is such a popular event, this is for member's only. If a friend wants to attend, they must join the group. I may try to fly up for the weekend, I'd love to see everyone. There is no cost involved with the "Party on the Beach", just bring your own food, drink and snacks. Please READ all info below. August is a great time to take a dip in the water. FOOD ~ Everyone brings their own food for the day/evening. We are providing grills if you have to cook anything. Please be sure your meats are cut and ready, seasoned and prepared prior to throwing them on the grill. There will be over 100 people on Doree's beach and we want the cooking to run smoothly. We'll have grilling utensils. POT LUCK - Feel free to make extra to share your specialty dishes or extras with others. If anyone wants to volunteer to do a Clam boil please let us know. The chef that prepares and offers this dish usually charges $5 a bowl to cover their expenses. Please READ and respect the information we have laid out below. Address will be sent to all those on the RSVP list. If your email notifications are set so that you do not receive The Organizers emails, you will not receive the address. UPDATE your settings so I don't get numerous calls and texts for the address!! DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO NOON PLEASE. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> • Please arrive anytime at or after noon. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Read drop off info below. • RAIN DATE ~ Next day, Sunday, August 18th ~ same time • DROP OFF/PICK UP ~ You will be allowed to use the long drive way to drop off/pick up kayaks, coolers, picnic baskets, games, tents, umbrella's. When we are not loading or unloading this driveway MUST BE KEPT CLEAR. • PROVIDED ~ Grills, grilling utensils, condiment bar and all paper goods. We will also have iced down water. • PARKING ~ Very Important! There is street parking on the opposite side from the beach. Doree lives on the beach side, DO NOT PARK beach side. There is a lot just in front of the cottage that will hold 15-20 cars parked end to end. We suggest carpooling, which we do a good job at for most events. Suggested carpool meeting place (5 minutes from the cottage) is Stop N Shop @ Trolley Square, just off the exit. 370 Hemingway Ave., East Haven. There are other lots and plenty of curb side parking in and around the cottage, just be sure to READ the signs, you will be ticketed/towed if you park in the wrong place. There is a large beach lot but that is for residents only. • SAFETY ~ IF you plan to bring your own kayaks, canoes or other water related crafts, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. You MUST wear a life vest. Please read disclaimer below. WE suggest that you DO NOT allow others to use your crafts unless you are with them. This request is for the safety, security and piece of mind for all members. • SUN PROTECTION ~ Please bring sunscreen, sun glasses, umbrella's, tents and drink plenty of water • GAMES ~ TENTS ~ I've purchased avolleyball net/balls with combo badminton. If you have horseshoes, frisbies, twister game or other beach games (that should be fun!), bring what you think others would be interested in. I'll bring cards and tables for set up under one of the tents. • FACILITIES ~ There is a restroom on both levels of the cottage. Please respect Doree's home and clean up after yourself. 100 people between 2 bathrooms is a lot. • COCKTAILS ~ And ofcourse..........after a few cocktails, there IS ALWAYS dancing.........................well that's what we'll call it!! I'd like to THANK Doree, one of our original members from day one, for sharing her little slice of heaven with the members of Dynamic Professionals for the past 3 years. DISCLAIMER ~ By clicking on "Yes" to an RSVP for this event you agree, warrant, and covenant as follows: In consideration for accepting this entry (via RSVP – YES), I, the registrant, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, my executors and administrators, do waive and release any and all rights for damages I may have against any parties or persons connected with the Dynamic Professionals meetup group for and related to the above listed event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit to participate in any portion of this above listed event. I understand that if consuming alcoholic beverages, I am a responsible adult and take responsibilities for my actions. I grant Dynamic Professionals permission to use any photographs, film or videotapes of this event for any purpose

Funny Bone ~ 40 FREE Tickets

Hartford Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant

Ron will be your host and he has secured 40 FREE tickets for our group. THANK YOU RON!! The talent is the Fresh Drunk Stoned Comedy Tour consisting of a triple headliner show featuring Franco Harris, Matt Bellak, and Tim Hanlon. If you have joined us in the past you know that it is always a fun evening! You can always visit www.hartford.funnybone.com for more details. We are now opening it up to guests. If you have already signed up and want to add a guest, click on the green check mark and it will ask you to indicate up to two guests. Please RSVP if you are committed to this date. You MUST bring your ID. You MUST arrive no later than 6:15 PM to enter as a group at 6:30 PM and to be seated with the group and to get your FREE ticket. Doors & Bar open @ 6:00 PM. Ron's cell is[masked]. We usually have dinner at the Funny Bone to support them and thank them for always stepping up with FREE TICKETS. In order to THANK the Funny Bone for offering us FREE TICKETS I ask that if you plan on having dinner, please have dinner at the Club. The food is pretty good and the prices aren't bad. Everyone will receive a separate check for dinner and drinks. In the past, Ron, who is a regular at the Funny Bone was told by the wait staff that the tips were disappointing. This was embarrassing, considering that the tickets were free. He will collect $3 per person when the tickets are distributed and this will go directly to the waitstaff so please have $3 cash available. DO NOT post any pre-arranged dinner arrangements elsewhere.

Game Night - Dining, Socializing, Cards, Trivia Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity.

Starting a monthly game night, we gather around 4 and dine and socialize till about 6, then we break into groups and play a variety of games. Game nights are a popular event and a very enjoyable event. Please note!!!! Multiple groups will be invited to our game nights so there will be a limit of 30 people per group. So come play your favorite game. Cribbage, Setback, (high,low, jack and game) Scrabble, and many more! If you sign up for another group please do not sign up twice. It will make it easier to keep track of who is coming. Thank you

Karaoke at the Winchester Cafe

Winchester Cafe

Here's your chance to be a star! Tune up your voice and step into the spot light at Karaoke night at the Winchester Cafe. Can't sing? Come and cheer on your friends, dance and have a really good time.

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Bluff Point~ Hiking, biking, kayaking & picnic ~ All Day

Bluff Point State Park (GPS use 41.336666, -72.033524)

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