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Internatinally Renowned Trauma Expert, Jennifer Heintz, COLLIDE International Institute of Mental Health and Healing, uses these meetup up groups to trial new webinars and therapies for our 5 clinic across North America including Vancouver. Be sure to take advantage of them and also the free or low pricing that is only available via meetup.

Also, visit our website at www.anxietyshrink.com to make a private appointment for One-on-One, Private counselling, (Online or in Person) or any number of events, outings, spiritual discoverings and healing retreats. Whether you're looking for fun, to join other healthy, like-minded people, to learn to heal from anxiety or trauma or just want to enjoy a unique and fun event or outing. Check out our website for full listings of events and outings. www.anxietyshrink.com.


We hold a wide range of FUN events and healing workshops and activities ranging from Forest Bathing, Nature therapies, weekends away to dogsledding , boat cruises, kayaking , snow shoeing, speakers, wine tours, pool/billiards and so much more!

The Healing Benefits of Nature

These are gently guided tours under the canopy of the forest are combined with activities to open your senses and experience nature as you never before have. Your guide will draw upon mindfulness meditation practices and stop at several points along the walk for deeper nature connection exercises and to learn and teach each other as we discuss what we are experiencing.

Research abounds with the physical and mental health benefits of nature. Experiences in nature lead to improvements in attention span, self-discipline, physical fitness, stress reduction and stronger immune system, among many others. To this, we will also add the additional benefits of deep breathing while out and meditation.

This introductory, Question-Answer, small-group webinar, will provide an understanding of how childhood trauma impacts the brain structure, nervous system, hormones, and development, which sets the course of your life, (including mental and physical illnesses), and how to heal.

What is Forest Bathing? - "Shinrin-Yoku"?

Forest Bathing is an organic practice which can elicit surprisingly, positive reactions. In Japanese, the word "shinrin" means forest, and the word "yoku" means bath. When used together, "shinrin-yoku" means bathing in the forest or to take in the forest atmosphere with all of your senses. Very, simply put, Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing is the practice of spending mindful time in nature. The practice was first introduced in Japan as an effort to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

Experience first hand, how the forest and woodland can assist your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health.

What are the Benefits?

What to Expect:

If you have never done active mediation in a nature setting, what you will experience is something that is low key and quiet, yet magical. Just imagine strolling in a forest. It is very still, and very quiet. A waft of sunlight may shine through the trees or a squirrel might scuttle out of some leaves. You step on soft gravel or twigs, lying on the forest floor. An eagle calls, landing on a treetop, ruffling its majestic feathers contentedly.

Before and during the outing you will be provided with a sequence of sensory exercises designed to calm the body and mind.
- Quiet Deep breathing is always encouraged
- There is no talking during our active mediation
- Cell phones must be on silent
- There is no picture taking or recording of any sort during the event as this is a very private and personal journey
- If an event is scheduled, we will be going out so always be weather ready. "Whether the weather be wet or weather be cold, we whether the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! LOL. (But we always like it) We go out in all weather, so again, be prepared for the weather with boots, umbrella, coat, etc.

What to Bring:
- Bring a waterproof cushion to sit on or a cushion in a plastic bag
- A drink and/or snack for afterward
- Blanket or wrap in case you get chilly

Finding us:
We will be the destination location with a sign reading "Nature Therapy".

*Delayed or need to contact us? please email or message via Meetup.

Terms and Conditions:

By clicking “RSVP”, as well as participating, you confirm you have read and agreed to our TERMS.

Medical conditions/medications/pregnancy: If you have any medical conditions, are on a prescribed medication, or have any concerns, please, consult your doctor and inform him/her about attending

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Spiritual Retreat to Iceland for New Year's Eve.


This is the most amazing country to celebrate the arrival of 2022! But that's not all. This is a spiritual retreat and one you will never forget. Change your outlook on life permanently or continue on your new and healthy path. (also one of the lowest covid reported rates in the world)

More details to come

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