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Hello, My name is Nikki and I have had a vision of creating a beautiful youtube channel that would be like a "spiritual news" channel. I am open to anything and any ideas because this would not just be my channel but all of ours together and we would all have access to the youtube account. I was thinking like a channel that people would want to watch to get the "good" news happening around the world and all of our own gifts we can share as well. If your good at reading tarot cards you can do the daily card reading for each episode, if your good at astrology and the energy's shifting you can talk about that, if someone is just funny we can have a comedy part that it motivational. I am open to anything really if you want to share your gift this is the perfect opportunity. I am letting the universe decide how many people will actually be doing this with me but I feel like everything will come together perfect I was thinking we meet up once a week in tampa and start to create and figure out how to manifest this to reality. This is long term commitment for sure. and I think we can all promote the channel in our own unique ways and I believe it will grow beyond our own imaginations could see. I have all the adobe programs to edit videos and pictures and put content together! I also have a gopro and a really nice labtop. Once we grow our youtube channel we can also start getting paid from youtube and you never know will it will take us. This is a big dream of mine and I want to find a family who would love to share their gifts to the world to and create something that has never been done before.

I cant wait to meet everyone and hear the ideas!! and start creating
anyone can join.
any gifts are welcome.
If your good at just being in front of a camera or if your not and want to be.
If your good at editing videos, I also went to scgool for graphic design and so that's why I have all the programs but it would be cool if I could find another editor as well so we can do it together.

If your good at singing or just being funny.

I am very big into juicing and eating fruits and veggies and I also want to share that with the world as well.

!!! hope to meet you all soon

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