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Go Within And Find Your #LovingHeart - Your #ForgivingHeart
Start Loving on People Again

Remember creating 'Heaven and Earth' is not going to happen overnight but we have to get started and we especially need to get started loving on each other.

-START LOVING FAMILY AGAIN: Remember for many to receive their Gesara payments and other community resources such as #MedBeds, people must return home again. So prepare for homecomings for those family members that were homeless or those that lived in distant places. Once they use #MedBeds, especially those that were homeless, many will be seeking out family again.

Remember to look out for the most vulnerable in communities such as young people or the elderly. Also, try to move the elderly in your family back close to you again or move where they are located so you can take care of each other. It is time for everyone to just start loving on their families again and start speaking #KindWords.