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The 5 Elements Constellation is Meet up group, open to everyone who is interested in self development. Constellation is a phenomenological process where we choose members of the group to represent important people or aspects of the situation being looked at. Tapping into the 'Field' where our interconnectedness not only with those who gave us life and ancestry but with everyone and everything is experienced. Thus revealing 'hidden dynamics' that make it possible for the problem we experience to exist.


The 5 elements are essentially five aspects of the self. How these five aspects of the self are individually in themselves and how each aspect is relating to one another define how we experience ourselves, our relationship with others, and how we live our lives.

There are two specific cycles of the five elements: Creative and Supportive cycles. When these cycles are working harmoniously Health and Well Being is experienced. When any of the interrelationships between two or more elements are affected this would inevitably affects directly or indirectly the whole cycle and Health and Well Being is affect or even disrupted. What constellating the 5 elements shows are the real present ways of how our own personal 5 elements, how these five aspects of ourselves are and how the two cycles are at this moment in time. Furthermore the phenomenological process of constellating the elements reveals the hidden dynamics that are disturbing the creative and supportive cycles and affecting us in an unhelpful manner. When the creative cycles are affected or disrupted these lead create internal dynamics that support ways of being, issues, and patterns that weight us down or holds us back be it in a personal way, with others or professionally.

"The systemic way of thinking and looking at the world helps us to become aware of the mechanisms and dynamics that are at work in systems that we normally never notice. These are the dynamics that can, in one moment, give us wings to fly and in another moment, hold us paralysed and unable to act," Jan Jacob Stam

The combination of the 5 Elements and Family Constellation approaches allows us to work with hidden dynamics in a way that supports, strengthens, and resources you and your chosen way forward in life.

Are in your life unwanted patterns that in spite of your efforts keep repeating? Is now the time for you to look at it?

For more information please go to: www.emersonbastos.co.uk/workshops/

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Constellation place: £85 - Representative place £50

Emerson has been involved with complementary therapies since 1989 when I attended an Acupressure course. The experience led me to investigate the field further and in 1996 after three years of study, I gained a Diploma in Shiatsu and have been in full-time practice since.In 2004 I came across Family Constellations a work created by Bert Hellinger. After attending several workshops I had the opportunity to join the training course with the Centre for Systemic Constellations (CSC) in London (formerly CSISS). I have been running 5 Elements Constellation workshops since 2010 now both in London and abroad. I am presently studying Gestalt Psychotherapy have completed the Post-Graduation Diploma.


I'm over the moon with what happened to me and it's positively affected my relationship with my parents, thank you :). Jan, Female, 40’s

This was an amazing day today. You provided safety and much more to allow this to happen, happy to recommend you. You deserve it. Anne R.

What a great Workshop on Saturday! Profound and quite magical. And I thought you led it brilliantly, gentle but penetrating. As you said, good to just be with it afterwards.Thanks very much. I have recommended to various people and given yr web address. Katharine H

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London (N1) - 5 Elements Constellation Workshop

Liverpool Road Community Centre

5 Elements Constellation Workshop - London N1 Saturday 5 December 2020 - 10am to 5.30pm Constellating the elements allows us to reveal the inner and ‘hidden’ dynamics internalised earlier in life or part of unconscious family and ancestry entanglement. As many problems we have in life are often times symptoms of these unconsciously internalised dynamics. Dynamics that thus far have had an influence or hold on us and have been making life more burdensome, complicated, difficult or confusing. The constellation approach allows these inner dynamics to become part of our awareness. The process is insightful, diagnostic, and expands the person’s view of pertinent life issues. From this new expanded awareness the work progresses towards a resolution, towards a more harmonious, strengthening way of being. By constellating the 5 elements or an issue we see the deeper reality beneath presenting problems. The experience is enlightening, hugely relieving and creates real movement, and as result we are more integrated, congruent and calm. These help us gather more of ourselves and our resources, easing our way forward in life. This approach supports us experience life with a greater level of harmony with ourselves and with everything and everyone who is important to us. Constellation process can be seen as a tool that can be used or accessed in order to gain clarity and insight into situations in our lives that we are not happy with. Such as; Work/professional issues, Family issues,, Relationships, Health issues. Repetitive patterns, Feeling stuck Relationship with success. Relationship with money, Addiction Insomnia, Eating disorders, Identity issues Mental health state, Wellbeing The person who is going to be constellated has the choice of constellating the 5 elements or an issue. Maximum 16 participants per workshop Fees: Constellation participation: £85 Representative: £50 Individual session: (by appointment) To register or for further information please send an email to: [masked] www.emersonbastos.co.uk

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London (N1) - 5 Elements Constellation Workshop

Liverpool Road Community Centre

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