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The group aim to raise awareness of the effects of radiation emitted by telecoms installation into the environment with permission of current government. Many people have experienced, in the last year, the worsening of various symptoms related to an excess absorption of artificial electromagnetic radiation, such as: various types of migraine and temporary sensations in the head when in front of phone masts, computers, burglary alarms; disturbed sleep; skin rashes; muscular contractions; digestive disorders and worsening of food intolerances; tinnitus or perception of humming noises (microwave hearing). In addition to the effects on health very alarming effects are present on trees, plants, birds and bees.
The UK has not conducted any assessment of people health, on the contrary of the other EU and non EU countries, and is supporting 5G network despite the many protests and petitions, which reflect the worries of UK residents. No assessment has been done on the total amount of radiation that children receive from the environment and home devices, and how this compares with current research results. Many people already had heavy monetary and health consequences on their lives, there is no possibility to report to local agencies, councils or GPs, or exercise legal rights to obtain compensation. The group aims of meet any interested person, creating a group of volunteers to manage local events in all Newcastle areas, organise the collection of data on site and record personal experiences to produce an assessment document to be used as evidence for action and proposal to local government.
Any background is welcome, academic students willing to disseminate knowledge at events, electrical and telecoms engineers needed for surveys, any help for delivering leaflets, share information on social networks, design short videos and posters. Genuinely any person caring for his/her future and that of their children can participate to gain and share understanding of a very worrying, invisible stable air pollutant: many of us don't agree and don't want to authorise the compulsory radiation of our bodies for the convenience of telecom business and the 'smart killing' technologies!

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