What we're about

Ever felt like "something is missing" from one or more areas of your life?


1. Your health

2. Your wealth

3. Your ability to attract a romantic partner

4. Your tribe or band of brothers

5. Your deeper purpose or calling

If you'd like to be healthier, make more money, attract a better type of partner, have more ride or die friends and find your purpose (a cause that fulfills you outside of your career)... this group is for you.

What is 5DM and how did it come about?

5DM started with losing everything and having to rebuild from nothing. Both of our co-founders have gone up and down the ladder of success and lived to tell the tale (we will get into that another time).

This group is rooted in the founders having deficiencies in all 5 Dimensions of Man at some point or another. There are no judgments or pretension here.

Over the past 4 years, we've spent hundreds of hours studying, applying knowledge and learning skills that allow our tribe to improve each of the 5-Dimensions or "Big 5".

Having produced dozens of men's leadership building, team building and self-actualization adventures in Hawai'i, San Francisco, Marin and San Jose, here is what we know about men...

Most men are excelling in 1 or 2 of the 5 dimensions of their lives. In order to live a life worthy of remembering, a life of fulfillment, we must become proficient in 5 key areas.

Spending too much time hyper-focusing on 1 any of the 5 dimensions, at the neglect of the other 4, can make your life feel incomplete or like... something is missing.

These areas are all that determines whether a man is happy, fulfilled and confident, or sad, needy, easy to manipulate, depressed or even suicidal --

1. Health

2. Wealth

3. Dating

4. Tribe

5. Purpose

Most men in SF Bay are hyper-focused on their careers. We were too. This has made us financially successful, but one-dimensional.

Have you ever felt like you work too much, work too many hours or sometimes question why you are so involved in your career?

If so, then you are just like us, and many of the men we've worked with .....

The truth is, overdoing it in ANY ONE AREA such as Career can easily cause:

- loss of community

- loss of romantic opportunity

- neglect or loss of your health, your significant other, friends, children, family...

We as men spend too much time indoors, sitting on our asses, and putting a large emphasis on intellectualism.

This can often end up causing neglect in the other 4 dimensions:

1) Mental and physical health. It is EXTREMELY difficult to project confidence, boldness, leadership and attractiveness when you are filling your body with crappy foods and not exercising. You don’t have to be ripped and have a 6-pack to be more attractive, but being healthy will make you more confident and attractive which will get you...

2) Dating & Relationships. We've found the nature of our jobs can easily lead us to be anti-social, sucked into our phones and "social" media, so much so that our social confidence and dating skills atrophy. We're sick of digital dating and are ready to jump-start the heart of romance & whimsical abundance that makes people fall in love with this City. Romantic abundance, or the woman of your dreams, is just steps away from your front door. It's waiting for the man who has the courage to take action.

3) Tribe. The nature of our work is too often solitary, isolating and can be anti-social. Opportunities to make new friends -- especially strong MALE friends -- can be all too few. You can survive without a Tribe -- but you cannot Thrive.

4) Purpose. Although some apps and technologies are saving lives, most aren’t. Your vocation and your purpose are two different things. The two component of purpose are: 1) Your purpose is larger than you or I, 2) Purpose gives men a reason to keep pushing even when their lives go to shit and they want to quit. Are you truly living your Purpose?

5DM is designed to optimize the 5 Dimensions of Man so that we become truly 5 Dimensional Men, proficient in Health, Wealth, Relationships, Tribe and Purpose.

If you are solid in each of the 5-dimensions, you will be happy, confident, powerful, healthy and will not have to worry about attracting high-value partners (who are attracted to high-value men). On the contrary, if you are deficient in all 5-dimensions... you will be depressed, insecure, unhealthy and incomplete.

Through a blend of sit-down discussions, real-world adventures, conference calls, recommended reading, group coaching, Master Minds, 3-month Intensives, and concentrated effort, you will add dimension, depth and meaning to your character, make lifelong friends, meet the partner of your dreams, get in the best shape of your life, live a life worthy of admiration and leave a legacy worth celebrating.

We hope you will join us.

Drew & Bryce


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