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PLEASE RSVP IF YOU WILL HELP THE COMMUNITY BY TAKING THE CHALLENGE - Started as a social experiment among friends to determine their individual support of black-owned business......what followed was person after person coming face to face with their participation or lack thereof. You can take the challenge in 5 easy steps: 1. Watch video or youtube "black spend challenge" (PLEASE LIKE US AND POST TO FACEBOOK) 2. On an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper list all items purchased within the past 12 months from a black owned business. 3. take cell phone video of you holding your list, completing the statement, "what my list says about me is.......Or "what my list says about the businesses available to me in my community is........ 4. Email video to [masked] - only if you don't mind it being posted. 5. Send challenge video to 5 people you know.

Needs a location

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What we're about

The mission : To raise the collective consciousness of our people, by making available information, resources and mentorships that they may or may not have in their individual networks. If you believe , as we do, that the innumerable challenges that people of color face, have created a fracturing of connectivity and mentorship so vital to our community , then this meetup is for you. The world today is ripe with opportunities for all people and this group wants to make sure our participation is equitable.

The How:

1)we will meet with and celebrate those among us who have achieved great things (thought leaders, authors, educators, professionals and everyday folks) to share in their wisdom on how they've done it-and how we can too.

2) we are creating a revolutionary mentoring system to help us bring each other along faster.

COME JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Let's get back to being the village that loves and cares for one another!

P.S. We will have some fun too!

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