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60 SOMETHING: - “Monday, Monday, so good to me..”

Our age group is focused as 60+, however, that doesn’t restrict anyone from joining us. Different age groups may just have different needs? Does this age have us explore our perspectives, probably what is really important? Let's share our thoughts.

We will primarily meet around South Sound: Hood Canal, Shelton to Olympia. Gatherings will evolve with potlucks, games, outing adventures, happy hours etc. We will offer night events as day events. All of you contributing ideas to hosting events. We welcome male and female members.


Are you lonely? Connection and belonging make us well. We need to create more of it. Join this group with intent to connect with others. Bring your real self. Really listen and share. Joining means contributing yourself, volunteering for the group activities to helping one another in times of need. For now, we will be an informal “Sidewalk Talk” gathering to first meet, hear and learn from each other. We will find out what we want and need now. We will seek to discover what brings us joy at this stage of living. We will look to create solid friendships.


That is a pretty big order. In the past year, the UK created a Ministry of Loneliness? Recent reports talk about how social media has actually not necessarily created people connecting interaction. I observed with Meetups that folks are not always mindfully reaching out to others with an intent of creating friendships. Is it either through lack of awareness or shyness to make relationships happen to just plain "busy-ness" ? There is a movement in larger cities called: “Sidewalk Talks” where a psychotherapist started setting up tables on the street and inviting people to come sit down and enjoy some “free listening.” and that created healthier well-being for others to just talk to strangers.

So we meet with intent. No one person is the designated event coordinator. If you say you are joining us for an event, honor that or communicate timely for our necessary coordination. Frequent no show, you will be removed from the group.

We hope to host 2 to 3 gatherings a month.



P.S. Guidelines to Retain Membership: If after 3 events, you have not attended an event, I will also drop your membership to allow others the opportunity to join in the fun and gathering.


Legal Disclaimer and Liability Information:

Participation in this group is at your own risk. By participating, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless its organizers and other members from all claims or liability of every type (including court costs and legal fees) for injury or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and to other persons (as your guests) who may accompany you in these endeavors.

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