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Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. Technical skills no longer determine who sets the pace. It’s strong communication and leadership skills that will push you to the front of the pack.

These are skills you can refine as a member of a Toastmasters club. And best of all, since it is a mutually supportive and positive learning environment, protective gear is not necessary.

Give your career a boost - join Toastmasters today! Stay ahead of the pack!


We are a local New York Toastmasters Club - part of the broader Toastmasters clubs family. We operate under the same high Toastmasters International standards and deliver a great, fun, save environment to practice your public speaking. We meet at TIAA-CREF location on 730 Third Avenue in New York - a short walk from Grand Central. We meet two times a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursday from 12:00-1:00 and an optional happy hour on the 3rd Thursday from 5:30-6:30 at a nearby location.

You can test-drive the experience as a guest at first and determine if is something you want to commit to by joining the Toastmasters as an official member.

The events currently on the calendar will be posted in the community. Please sign-up for those you can make it so we can plan for the space and track attendance.

For more information please email: Toastmasters_NY@tiaa-cref.org .

Visit our Facebook group as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/730toastmasters/


What is Toastmasters?

No, we don't make toasters!

From a humble beginning in 1924 at the YMCA in Santa Ana, California, Toastmasters International has grown to become a world leader in helping people become more competent and comfortable in front of an audience. The nonprofit organization now has nearly 270,000 members in more than 13,000 clubs in 110 countries, offering a proven – and enjoyable! – way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills.

Most Toastmasters meetings are comprised of approximately 20 people who meet weekly for an hour or two. Participants practice and learn skills by filling a meeting role, ranging from giving a prepared speech or an impromptu one to serving as timer, evaluator or grammarian.

There is no instructor; instead, each speech and meeting is critiqued by a member in a positive manner, focusing on what was done right and what could be improved.

Why Join?

Survey after survey shows that presentation skills are crucial to success in the workplace. Many people pay high fees for seminars to gain the skill and confidence necessary to face an audience. Toastmasters’ provides an option that is less expensive and held in high regard in business circles. This organization has been around for more than 84 years and offers a proven – and enjoyable – way to practice and hone communication and leadership skills.

You will…

· Learn to communicate more effectively

· Become a better listener.

· Improve your presentation skills

· Increase your leadership potential

· Become more successful in your career

· Build your ability to motivate and persuade

· Reach your professional and personal goals

· Increase your self confidence.

How you do it.

· Build speaking and leadership skills with time-tested methods

· Focus on areas of interest in our self-paced curriculum

· Receive suggestions for improvement through constructive evaluations

Toastmasters programs are . . .

· Inexpensive

· Interactive

· Convenient

· Friendly

· Supportive

More than four million people have discovered the benefits of this proven learning formula. What are you waiting for?

Become a Member

Email: Toastmasters_NY@tiaa-cref.org

· Each group has a different personality – you may wish to visit more than one. Go to http://www.toastmasters.org/ and use the “Find a Club tool” to find meetings near you. Call or e-mail in advance (if possible) to confirm meeting time and location.

Ready for the next step?

· After you attend a meeting, you can apply for membership (minimum age 18.)

· At the meeting, ask for a membership application.

· Membership is affordable, and if you are an employee of TIAA-CREF, the dues are covered through your total benefits package.

· $20 new member fee (one time fee)

· Toastmaster International half-year membership dues are $36 plus a one-time $20 fee for your new member kit.

· The VP Membership will send your application and fees to Toastmasters’ World Headquarters.

· Your New Member Kit should arrive in the mail in about 10 days.

Toastmaster's Promise

As a member of Toastmasters International and my club, I promise...

· To attend club meetings regularly

· To prepare all of my speech and leadership projects to the best of my ability, basing them on projects in the Competent Communication, Advanced Communication or Competent Leadership manuals

· To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments

· To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations

· To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow

· To serve my club as an officer when called upon to do so

· To treat my fellow club members and our guests with respect and courtesy

· To bring guests to club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers

· To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters educational and recognition programs

· To maintain honest and highly ethical standards during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities

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730 Toastmasters Club Meeting

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730 Toastmasters Club Meeting

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730 Toastmasters Club Meeting

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730 Toastmasters Club Meeting

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730 Toastmasters Club Meeting

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