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Welcome to "7 Sided Die!" Thank you for checking us out!

This is a tabletop Dungeons and Dragons (D&D,) Role Playing Game (RPG,) miniatures gaming and board game group, that meets in the Jackson, New Jersey area. We often meet during the week to avoid disrupting members' weekends and recognizing that everyone has other obligations.


Members, Adult Content and Minors:

We are open to, both, new and experienced, respectful gamers. To re-emphasize, all of our games are always open to new players! Please, never be intimidated by an "established game." Everyone is welcome! Our gamers age 21 to 70+. While there are many group members, we currently have about 20-ish, on-again, off-again regulars.

Please note that we play Role Playing Games (RPGs) and miniatures wargames. In my humble opinion, RPGs and miniatures wargames are, by their nature, games that include notional violence. In our RPGs there is also occasional, in game, notional alcohol consumption, and gamers may responsibly drink adult beverages. While neither "real life" misogyny nor misandry are tolerated, in our games there is occasional in game implied or notional sexual innuendo - though nothing graphic or descriptive.

Much like the show "Critical Role," characters visit taverns and brothels. As such, general bawdiness by gamers' characters is not curbed. Quite the opposite - Role-playing is strongly encouraged.

As such, with the exception of "grand-fathered" individuals, all participants must be 21 years of age or older.

As age itself does not ensure maturity, regardless of age, all participants must be mature enough to interact with others, play by the rules, and accept DMs and referees decisions.


Current and Future Games:

As you might guess, COVID has put a significant damper on In-Real-Life (IRL) gaming. Nonetheless, with restrictions having somewhat eased, we are currently playing a semi-historical fantasy campaign called the "Carpathian Adventure" using Wizard of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (D&D 5E.)

Two other organizers are developing D&D 5E campaigns.

Other organizers have previously run: a gritty, mystery 5e adventure called "Low Down Dirty Rat Bastards," an adventure guild type 5e game called "Haven Cross," an Eberron 5e campaign called "Echoes of the Dream War," a new setting with original creatures called "Age of Sorrows," various one shot 5e adventures including a "Space 1889" game, a D&D 3.5 Star Wars game, a couple Warhammer 40,000 miniatures games, and various board games - all in an effort to feed everyone's gaming addiction.

(Please note that while the majority of the games we play are RPGs, this was, and still is, a miniatures group as well. So while members do not have to love minis, they just can't loathe them. Theater of the Mind is awesome, but minis are equally awesome too.)

In the future, we may add additional nights for game sessions, add additional game organizers and additional locations as appropriate opportunities present themselves. (Before asking us to promote a new game, a new venue, another group, or cross promote another event, please have shown up at a few of our events first and get to know the group organizers. [For promotion via this Meetup, all must be in accordance with this group's policies.])



We are "live" streaming our "Carpathian Adventure" campaign every other Thursday night;

on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/7SidedDie

on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/7SidedDie (https://www.twitch.tv/seven_sided_die)

on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/7-Sided-Die-228845534391387/

and on Twitter's periscope at https://twitter.com/7_sided_Die (https://mixer.com/7SidedDie?vod=rX8NrY9ypk-47fOlTDZaSg)

While the vast majority of our games are not streamed, we are actively looking for the "right" D&D, 5e homebrew campaign to stream the opposite Thursday or Monday night.


Smoking, Vaping, Chewing Tobacco and Drug Uses:

Games are most often held at organizers' homes. To be upfront, smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco are not permitted at group events. Illegal drug use is never tolerated! (Though marijuana will be legal in New Jersey soon, it is still Federally illegal, and some of our members are Federal employees and or in the transportation or other industries where they are randomly drug tested. As such, to prevent second hand transmission to these individuals, marijuana is not permitted at group events.)


Food and Drink:

Gamers may bring snacks and age appropriate beverages to game sessions. Please be considerate, avoid excessively smelly foods, and drink responsibly.


Cursing or Swearing:

I was surprised to find out that the following is really tough for some people: While not prudes, with so many other adjectives and adverbs, during sessions, as a courtesy, we have a no cursing and swearing rule. To discourage cursing and swearing, some GMs use a "swear can." Even when it such a can is not present, please note that the group rule is "no cursing" - not no free cursing. The policy is here: https://www.meetup.com/7_Sided_Die/pages/25336711/Cursing_Policy/ If this is a problem, this is not the group for you!


Social Etiquette:

While the Group's general "Social Contract" is here: https://www.meetup.com/7_Sided_Die/pages/29236642/Social_Contract/ please let me add.... If you have issue with maintaining personal hygiene, or you refuse to brush your teeth, or you can't chew with you mouth closed, or you can't control flatulence, or you hate women, or you hate men, or you hate anyone based on some inherent attribute, or you cannot keep your political opinions to yourself, or have some burning desire to make everyone else present uncomfortable, etc., etc., please join a different group! It may seem bizarre to some that I have to add that, but there is a reason it is here.... Thanks. Now that that is said....


Privacy and Photo Policy:

We respect everyone's privacy! As such, parts of our group site are kept private, and some photos are not accessible to non-members. To join and remain a member of our group, we require clear and honest answers to a few simple questions and a real photo of you in your group profile. Only members may read your responses and see other members' photos. If they know them it may help them decide if they want to - or don't want to - attend an event. (Believe it or not, we have had one case where a member used a fake name instead of his real name. Add to that, apparently he was known for having been offensive in, and thrown out of, at least one other group. When a valued member our group discovered that the offender was now a member of a our group, the valued member unfortunately quit our group. We later discovered who the offensive member was, confirmed what had been going on, witnessed the behavior first hand, and he was removed from our group. As you might guess, we would like to prevent such occurrences from happening in the future.) Rest assured, we also respect of members' privacy. As such, parts of our group site are kept private. Non-members cannot see our Meetup group member photos or information. (Please also know that you can have different photos for each Meetup group.) Lastly, we do this for your protection and for our members' protection. While the vast majority of people are terrific folks, there are also some strange folks out there too. I hope you understand.



While we always welcoming to new members, and active site lurkers are welcome, please know that we are a group of gamers that get together in real life to game! We are not trying to add virtual members solely for the purpose of plus-ing up our number on Meetup. In that vein, inactive memberships are periodically canceled. That said, members in good standing may join again.



I subscribe to the philosophy "You don't need to tell me you're a good person, just show it." With that, discrimination against anyone in "real life" is not and will not be tolerated! In "real life," if one demonstrates discriminatory, racist, misogynistic or misandrogynistic behavior, or is a member of a hate group, a bias group, or ANY group that restricts membership based on ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any inherent individual attribute, that individual will be removed from our group, bared from our group and reported to Meetup.


I look forward to seeing you at a game!

Tom Jr.

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