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80/20 principle works magically not only for economics. It works in photography too. Lets talk and breath photography, play with light, play with ideas, and spend more effort where it would bring us more results, instead of wasting time and (lets face it) money on something that would lead to nowhere. This group is running under this very concept, same as it was successfully ran by Sergei in Russia and other Easter European places since 2008. Strobist principles, much like studio lighting purism and "natural light" ideas - all can ran to extremes - we all been there. But it all should be balanced in harmony, leaving photographers to do creative things with ease, and helping photographer to do what photography is about - create good images, sharing vision. It doesn't matter if you just starting out, if you plan to run your photography as business or like to keep it as hobby. We going to make special effort to have metopes for every level. Everyone is welcome. If you like to create fine art fantasy pictures , shoot high fashion or concentrate on baby portraits. We going to do all of this, play in all genres, to expand portfolios, share knowledge and play with ideas.

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Light: Art and Science series #1 : Location Portraiture

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Fantasy shoot on location : workshop

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