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Homeschool Kids (Coming Soon)
If your child is home schooled several of the shops in the Heritage Plaza is offering classes for a total of two hours. Classes may include music lessons, Jujitsu, and dance. Call 80/20 Dance for more details. studio phone:[masked] | cell:[masked]

8020 Dance LLC

5426 Highway 90 Heritage Plaza · Pace, fl

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OUR MISSION To enhance lives through the teaching of partnered styles of dance by providing programs that build skill, confidence, humility, and community among dancers of all walks of life in an environment designed to make learning fun and efficient.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS No partner? So what's the problem?

Dancing in partnership is not a concept limited to those who have a single "partner" to dance with. Once you decide to learn to dance in partnership, be prepared to make a lot of new friends... Seriously... A LOT of new friends! Are you ready to have scores of friendly people to dance with? If so, schedule a free private consultation today to learn how!

Group Instruction A fun, energetic, socially-driven way to learn to dance is with a group of like-minded individuals. 8020 Dance offers group classes that break the mold of traditional class formats, offering tools and methods found nowhere else in the industry. The 80/20 method of group instruction helps students break through the "Group Class Ceiling" presented by other programs, allowing dancers to reach a level of skill formally only obtainable through private instruction. While nothing matches the effectiveness of private instruction with a qualified professional, 80/20 Dance has developed a formula that brings group class instruction closer in effectiveness to private instruction than ever before! Now you can become one of the very best dancers in your region exclusively through our group class programs!

Private Lessons One-on-one or with couples, private lessons are considered by most to be the most effective solution to learning to dance. These lessons are customized to meet your specific dance goals.

BUILD YOUR BODY.SHARPEN YOUR MIND More than just a physical activity.

It's no secret, dance is a great form of physical exercise for people of all ages. However, the full scope of benefits provided by dance have only surfaced in recent years.

Dance professionals have known for years, but now science can back it up! Dance is the very best activity for physical and mental health as we waltz our way to later stages of life. When adding the social elements of PARTNERED styles of dance, you will find the perfect activity you will never grow out of.

To learn more, speak with Jeremy, 80/20 Dance owner and master instructor, to learn how you can add the benefits of dance to your life!

Located at 5426 Highway 90, Pace, FL 32571 in Heritage Plaza.

All classes in a multi-class series are approximately 90 minutes in length.

No partner required to attend classes.

Studio phone: 850-781-1077 | cell: 850-530-3496

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