Learn by Doing: HTML & CSS - introductory course

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1657 West Broad Street #3a · Richmond, VA

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804RVA is across from Lowes

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Learn by Doing: HTML & CSS is a 4-hour introductory course that walks students through vocabulary, tools, and enough of the ins and outs of HTML and CSS to be productive. You should take this course if you’re serious about learning how to build websites but have struggled to wade your way through all of the information available on your own.

Tickets: $50 (non member) $40 (Member)

Bring your lunch and lets get down to learning and building!

What you’ll need

• Laptop
• Chrome
• Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text (something else is fine, but editor instructions/overview may not be relevant)


• History of HTML
• What the HTML from your favorite sites looks like
• Useful/commonly used HTML tags
• Vocabulary
• Tags
• Attributes

• What the web looked like before CSS
• How to write selectors
• Universal
• ID
• Class
• Descendant Combinator
• Adjacent Sibling
• Attribute
• Pseudo-class
• Vocabulary
• Selector
• Property
• Value
• Rule
• Common tasks
• Text colors, alignment, sizes, and fonts
• Positioning

• Visual Studio Code/Sublime Text
• Chrome Dev Tools

The remaining time will be spent on a guided build of a site from scratch from a design provided for the class.

About the instructor
Joey Figaro is currently 32, got into HTML at the age of 12, and started building websites for clients when he was 17. Aside from a brief stint in advertising doing voice acting and photo preparation, he’s been working around the Richmond area tinkering at companies like Mobelux, Co+Lab, MacRumors, and Capital One. He is currently happily breaking things at Painless1099 as a Senior Developer.