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Hi, I'm Rand. This is a surfing group with golf as a bro-nus.


Note - I have added Trail Biking (or Mountain Biking but its not totally hardcore) - and if you are into fast rides down on wide trails and singletrack, then this is for you. Maybe it will get hardcore but its not yet.


Time is seriously precious. The best times and places to surf change constantly with the wind and tides, so to counter that complexity, we'll use old-fashioned bro-mmunication here: we'll share contact info and call each other - and as strange as that may sound nowadays, that's exactly where this seems to be evolving - just cool people talking to each other - not so much a meetup.

Surfing = SUP or longboarding. These two regimes despise each other, but here, I tear down that wall, Mr. Brobachev.

Probably like you, I work, and only have weekends off. There are other groups out there, but business and liability are the central focus - selling paddleboards, surfboards, fitness training, lessons, etc. For convenience, they meet in the same place, over-and-over again, at the same time of day, independent of tides/conditions/wind... you spend your precious free time trying to surf in less-than-optimal conditions, feeling frustrated.

This group is free of that, we'll "broam" in time and location, and basically it is just friends.

I'm hoping for a small pool of intermediate surf regulars, where we do our thing, improve at surfing, enjoy real friendship, and watch out for each other on the water.

I'll post suggestions as meetup events earlier in the week, and if interested, contact me directly in one of three ways:

1) cell: 727-510-5402
2) email: rand.professional1@gmail.com
3) message me through meetup

and I'll get a few of us together with calls and likely an email to the interested folks. You can message/call each other, too.

There will be the occasional round of "brolf" and, on days that are not good for SUP surfing, we can switch to regular-prone-surf-longboarding, or just make longBROarding the theme du jour.

Please see the Geico "Bro-cabulary" link below - they have unknowingly spent millions bro-moting this group:

"Bro-cabulary" (http://abancommercials.com/indexVideoDetail.php?id=1364&tipo=det)

And also the definitive documentary on Bro-menclature:

"Bro-menclature" (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/33a63cf6cc/bromenclature?_cc=__d___&_ccid=280d1a5196f72ff6)

Finally, please see this very important discussion on safety & responsibility. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own (you will have to be a member and logged in to read it):

"Safety & Injury in Surfing" (http://www.meetup.com/805-SUP-SURF-LONGBOARD-BROS/messages/boards/thread/49576610)

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