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In Hong Kong, being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially for young women (aged 20-35). We are exceptional individuals who have excelled in our chosen field. Worked hard to achieve success and been recognised by peers. This group is dedicated to be a platform for young ladies who are natural leaders, sharp, ambitious, motivated, and creative. Have a desire to be the best they can be and are looking for an opportunity to prove their worth in current or next professional endeavour.

We welcome all ladies who have started their own business, have plan to startup or simply want to know ladies with entrepreneurial spirit.


我們是一群在個人領域表現出色的優秀女性。努力取得成功,得到同行的認可。這個平台致力於打造年青女士成為一個天賦領袖,尖銳,雄心勃勃,有動力和創意。追求更好,並且正在尋找機會證明自己現職或下一個專業而努力。 我們歡迎已經開展自己業務/生意的女士們,有計劃啟動,或者只是想認識更多積極上進的女士及她們的創業精神。

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