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Sponsored by St. Louis Bistro BBQ's BBQ Wife Jenny, St. Louis Bistro and its slow-cooked St. Louis-style BBQ meats have been popping up in Colorado since 2013. Chef James and his wife, Jenny, have popped up in Denver, Aurora, Northglenn, Westminster, and Commerce City on a seasonal basis and the party has always ensued. They are definitely '80s-Lovers!

Did anyone say Karaoke??? Especially with Bright Crystal Star Entertainment? Well, it's about to happen more regularly, since St. Louis Bistro BBQ is about to partner with GrubHub and other door-to-door deliveries as a delivery-focused virtual restaurant - BUT with seasonal live events all year round. Pop-Up-style. With 80s music ensuing (we'll mix it up on occasion - but if you're here. you'll probably especially want to be at THOSE parties.) Join us. We're kicking off our 1st Party in mid-October.

Every 6-8 weeks, you are invited to our Pop-Up BBQ Restaurant with either live music, DJ Crystal on occasion with her karaoke, a great atmosphere where all are welcome, and the delicious authentic St. Louis slow-cooked meats and sides dishes prepared by Chef James. And of course dessert is included.

If you want to bring friends or family, we'll post a ticket link well ahead so you can purchase their plate, too, but your meal is already included in your membership dues.

Drinks? You have unlimited sweet tea included with your meal, but depending on our pop-up location, you'll have more options available as well, including on occasion a cash bar, or local brewery, a wine bar, even a lemonade stand. We plan to get creative! Loving life! You'll always know ahead of time.

Come join us and add to the vibe.

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80s Party & St. Louis Bistro BBQ Re-Launch w/ PUMPKIN vs. SWEET POTATO FACE-OFF!

UPDATE: This is the Official Re-Launch Party for St. Louis Bistro BBQ with '80s Music, featuring some of Chef James' signature meats served buffet-style with endless sweet tea and lemonade included. There'll also be music and Karaoke by Bright Crystal Star Entertainment, a dance floor if you "feel the heat", and a "Pumpkin Pie vs. Sweet Potato Pie Face-Off" for VIP Supporters of Jenny's fundraiser to have her pies at the local Farmers Market, and you can choose to participate, too. Lots of fun and good food. Also available that night will be more info and menus for the new delivery-focused BBQ with seasonal live events format (read: a monthly pop-up St. Louis Bistro restaurant experience), some of Mrs. Davenport's famous sweet potato tarts and other desserts on hand (think chocolate), and a fun, relaxed time full of good vibes. We've reserved the patio and community room at the gorgeous Bison Ridge Rec Center for this event and are fundraising to get it done. $15 reserves Club Members spot and a plate. For additional support and to participate in the Face Off here: https://igg.me/at/sweetpotatopie/x/13133352#/

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