What we're about

We come together to have a dialogue (Socratic), brainstorm and start an innovative social-tech movement based on the following:

- Creativity and ideas within the framework of these values: mutual respect, diversity, harmony, mindfulness (mindful listening and talking), consciousness hacking (using technology that benefits humans and their personal development), solution oriented, positivity (focus on strengths not on problems), simplicity, goal orientation

- We create a team of people that are looking for innovative, consciousness oriented and humanistic and harmonius solutions to the current conflict in Israel/Palestine

- We aim to use tech and social media that can bring people together in search of similarities, mutual understanding, compassion, recognition, practical solutions; all in a light and pragmatic way that will have a positive impact on people's daily lives

- It's a grassroots movement with people that want to make a revolution from the inside out. We provide solutions for millennials and generation Z that are involved in the conflict, that use technology and social media a lot and that are willing to contribute to a harmonious and bright future for both nations (shared society)

- We use videos and social media. The goal is to make an appeal to investors that want to invest in our movement/start up

- This is for the well being of all

What this is not:

- An attempt to choose sides, blame, condemn or divide
- Just another 'peace' movement
- A way to just make a lot of money (If so the money would be returned into other similar good causes)

Our vision is to connect, share. We use our brains, hearts, hands plus technology to influence the current situation for the better. For people that are involved and suffer. All in a pragmatic, light and uncomplicated way.

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