• [VIRTUAL] 8LU - Designing w/ Empathy for Productivity & Collaboration

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    Join us Friday, June 23rd for an 8th Light University online presentation by 8th Light principal designer Daisy Mølving:

    Designing for your Team: Designing with Empathy for Productive Teams and Enjoyable Collaboration



    9:00 am CDT / 3:00 pm BST - Announcements
    9:05 am CDT / 3:05 pm BST - Presentation
    After - Questions/Networking


    UX Designers create software to meet the needs of their end users. Yes, and! In order to work in effective integrated teams with other Designers, Developers and a Product team, Designers must also consider their team’s needs when presenting and delivering their designs.

    In this talk, Daisy Mølving gives tips and inspiration for the many ways that Designers can enhance their Design files to ensure smooth and productive collaboration with their Team. From onboarding others through primers and documentation to building Design-to-Development pipelines, we’ll repeatedly touch on the importance of empathy to drive the Design process.


    This presentation will be recorded and the recording will be posted shortly after the presentation. You can find recordings of previous 8th Light University talks on our Youtube page.

    Want to learn more about 8th Light? Hang out after the presentation to chat with one of our crafters and find out how 8th Light is changing the software community. Or check out our Website!


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