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This is the San Diego 9/11 Truth new North County Group. San Diego 9/11 Truth started in 2006 with Ted and Nelise. Ted is an engineer and retired commercial pilot. We are still going strong and growing.This will be a North County sister group. We host a large 9/11 Truth Booth 10 times a year below the U.S.S. Midway on the Waterfront and also host an event once a month at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest with a film, or a speaker followed by discussion.

This Group is for serious Patriots who know the truth that 9/11 was indeed a very inside job and those criminals are still very much in charge.
The Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry is a non-profit law firm dedicated to a criminal investigation for the 9/11 False Flag attack. Dozens of public interest attorneys from our nation are working pro-bono for our Mission of Justice for 9/11. They filed a Petition for a Grand Jury on April 10 2018 in the Southern District of New York demanding that explosives be investigated for the destruction of the World Trade Centers Buildings One, Two and Seven. This is an epic legal action that we must actively support. It should be Front Page news and on every news talk show, since main stream media is corrupted and controlled we will:
We will be an active working group and our goals will be :
1. To Promote the Grand Jury Petition to inform our citizens.
There are some news shows and newspapers that are covering it, we will write and submit articles to get the word out, hold booths, give away DVD's and literature, help with hosting speakers and films to educate and wake people up.
2. Support each other as Truth Advocates
3. We support Palestine to have their lands back and also educate about Israel's current genocide of Palestine. We support San Diego's Jewish Voice for Peace.
4. We support the works of Christopher Bollyn and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
5. We support Yankee White Clearance of the 1940 Nationality Act allowing only 100% U.S.Citizens can hold U.S.Government Positions, this has been violated only for Israel since 1967 and educating the public with regards to the take over by dual citizen Zionists who are the 9/11 culprits and have infiltrated into our government in positions such as the Comptroller of the Pentagon in 2001 when a dual citizen with Israel Rabbi Dov Zakheim was allowed to violate our top national security code and allow a dual citizen to hold this position. Zakheim had a side job, C.E.O. of Systems Planning maker of the Remote-Control-Flight-Termination Systems on those jets. Our nation has been corrupted and we stand on the brink of nuclear war. The Atomic Clock was moved to two-minutes-to-midnight when Trump was appointed President.
6. We do not support Donald Trump as President. He alluded to 9/11 being a False Flag more than once giving some 9/11 Truth Advocates hope. But he has proven he is also a Gatekeeper to the lie making him a co-conspirator same as Obama, Clintons and of course the Bushes. Jill Stein was the only candidate who put in writing her support for a criminal investigation.
7. We support Bob Mcllvaine who is asking Congress to introduce the Bobby Mcllvaine Act for a Congressional Investigation as well. He lost his son Bobby who was blown up in the North Tower's lobby before any aircraft hit above.

8. We will launch a letter writing campaign into U.S.Attorney Geoffrey Berman in New York on whose desk lays this epic legal action Grand Jury Petition.

You can read the petition and also view the 57 exhibits via links on the Lawyers' website at LCfor911.org. There are also interviews and videos of the Lawyers being interviewed. They will also reply to your questions and appreciate our help.

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