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You're living the dream. You wake up past noon without an alarm clock, take your sweet time doing whatever you want, and start working whenever and wherever you want. There are days you don't even bother changing out of your PJs (not gonna judge). Whether you're a remote worker or run your own business, you call all the shots of where and when to work.

Sounds great! Except it can feel a little lonely at times. You might not interact with people for days. You have all this "freedom" of time, except there's no one else is around to enjoy it with you. All your buddies still work the 9-5 grind. You often still feel socially restricted to the 9-5 rhythm. Why go out when there's no one else to enjoy it with?

This group is to help counteract that and find new friends to socialize with while everyone else is working their normal jobs. The focus will be on doing fun social activities that might typically be reserved for the weekends (e.g., hiking, playing games, going to shows, going on trips) during the week while everyone else is working. We'll also have coworking sessions, but the focus will be on FUN activities and making new friends who are on the same path.

Let's have fun, make new friends with a similar mindset, and make great use of this awesome lifestyle we have!

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Midweek Break: Meet and Snack on Turkish Dessert

Needs a location

Midweek Break: Hike + Happy Hour

Needs a location

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