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Why do people fail in Interviews? Why does buyer decide not to purchase from you?
Find your answers in this 90 minutes session. Your BODY LANGUAGE broadcasts
emotions louder than words; research shows that as much as 93% of our feelings in an
engagement are reflected through our non-verbal cues.

Vinod Mehra is Founder @ Neev Consultancy; Advisor to Smartlife NGO in Dubai. He is a
Blockchain and Social selling evangelist. And spoken in UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Lebanon.

More about the Event:
You will master non-verbal gestures at the core of key engagement such as:
1. Foundational Principals of Body Language
2. Body Language for Startups – Winning over Your Investors
3. Body Language for Recruiters – Getting to know Your Candidate
4. Body Language for Seller – Winning over Your Buyers
5. Body Language for Leaders – Influencing others

Who must attend?
1. Startups, Entrepreneur and Business Owners.
2. Consultants, Sales and Marketing Professionals
3. Anyone who wants to Master Art of Body Language.

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