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912-Western Iowa-Council Bluffs Message Board › Will Ron Paul supporters vote for Mitt

Will Ron Paul supporters vote for Mitt

A former member
Post #: 229
I have been. It's called Educators Of Liberty.
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 444
I have been. It's called Educators Of Liberty.

That's the group that Bill Sole told me I was being kicked out of because some people didn't like hearing hard truth about law and how the "we the people" are "we the bond servants" due to our consent, applications and participation in a communistic civil law body politic. How do they educate about liberty? When real liberty (Exousia), the absolute power of free will choice, is found in a jurisdiction and form of law that is completely separate and foreign to the Civil laws of the United States its constitutions and its communist corporate body politic.

You cannot and do not ever find true liberty (Exousia) in the civil law of any man made corporate body politic. Those civil law legislative bodies, bind people by consent to surrender some of their liberty for the security offered by becoming a member / person of the civil law body politic, and then the only JOB the lawmakers/legislatures have to do is to write civil statutes that regulate, control and limit liberty (freedom of choice) by legislative fiat and the will of the State. So really you're more like educators of civil law privileges, franchises, immunities and licenses because there is only an illusion of real liberty in a civil law body politic.

"Constantly bearing in mind that entering into society [body politic] individuals must give up a share of liberty...." Andrew Jackson (March 4, 1833)
A former member
Post #: 233
Well first off, I spoke to Bill myself about the time you were in the group. One thing Bill told me was that he never kicked you out of the group. You voluntary left, so don’t be saying things that are not true. Second, the problem was that Patricia recognized that you are setting up a cult (which by the way I do not disagree with her). The things that you talk about are inconsistent with liberty; therefore we at Educators of Liberty do not endorse your inconsistent views about the constitution and Liberty. Our purpose at EOL has been to educate on the concept of liberty and how to then transfer that knowledge and activism in getting Liberty minded people elected into office. We are neither left wing nor right wing, we are LIBERTY.

Oh yeah and another thing, all that stuff you talk about in-regards to your personal beliefs (I use this term since you don’t like the word religion) that don’t mean anything to me because my personal beliefs are not the same as yours. You see that’s the difference between me and you I have respect for people and their sovereignty so if their personal beliefs are different than mine, I don’t care because I understand LIBERTY.

And one more thing, this whole theory that have about not being involved and that the only way is to break away from the system. Sorry to burst your bubble buddy but that does not work. For example, God forbid if there is an economic collapse that occurs, when the military and DHS come to your door and tell you to go with them to a fema camp and then you say NO I am a sovereign, they will laugh at you. So, the only way you can make a difference is by being involved in the political process and getting people like Ron Paul (constitutionalists or liberty minded people) elected.
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 446
Vince, I have never claimed to be sovereign. That is all the Patriot nut-job US citizens that are rebelling against their god and father, Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam's creditors, his god and father, the Central Banks, the Golden Calves.

If you asked Bill, then Bill told you that he called me and hemmed and hawed and hemmed and hawed and I finally said for Bill to spit it out, and Bill said that there were people in the group that didn't like what I was saying. That is when I told Bill, that it was no big deal, that I had to intentions of causing trouble and if people didn't want to hear from someone that was going to just be a part of their mutual back scratching society then I would leave. So don't say that it was my idea to leave. It was not. Bill called me and hoped that I was a reasonable man and not try to start a fight. Get your facts straight Vince.

Religion is how a society takes care of its needy. What men have turned religion into is not my doing. And your religion Vince, all the religion of US citizens and Uncle Sam is Communism. That's your religion because that is how Uncle Sam's corporate family, body politic, society cares for its needy. Communism. Taking from the many and redistributing to the needy "persons" and "members" of his society.

Vince, what form or jurisdiction of law do unalienable/inalienable rights, real liberty, originate from?

YOU are a slave as are all US citizens. You have no liberty. You will never have or experience the higher liberty because you want to stay slopping pigs in a jurisdiction and form of law that only offers privileges, and labels those privileges "civil rights" Uncle Sam's Roman Civil Law. US citizens have chosen to equitable convert themselves into debt slaves. They are merely trustees and legal title holders by their unconscionable conduct.

I respect all people and their beliefs, but I have no respect for fools that talk the talk but do not walk the walk out their own ignorance and foolishness.

Everything, and I mean everything that you know, see, possess, is either considered part of a trust/use and or a corpus. Everything. Every person you see, natural and artificial are the trustees for those trusts/uses as members of corpus or corporations, body politics, etc. Each time a transaction occurs that makes use of discharge using the equitable title holders, the beneficiaries' notes, or some form of their debt based monetary system, a constructive trust is immediately raised by operation of law. The legal title holders, i.e. the trustees, must be held accountable to the holders of the equitable titles and beneficial interests. So every year an annual report is filed with the overseers and protectors of all the trusts, which are really just component trusts of a massive cestui que, eleemosynary trust that pretty much holds the corpus of the whole world at this late stage of the game. In the United States, we call this annual report day, April 15, and the annual report is typically an IRS 1040 form. The trustees, the legal title holders, report how they used and managed the trust corpus for the benefit of the equitable title holders.

The two party system does not matter, it is irrelevant. It is really only there to perpetuate the matrix, the illusion of free will choice. If there is an appearance of some difference when one party is holding the reigns of power verses when the other party holds those reigns, it is only via the media's amplification or magnification of such tiny differences to make it seem to the ignorant that there is a substantial difference, therefore they are lead to believe that their participation is critical and does make a difference. As long as the trustees believe they possess the power of free will choice then the system can be maintained. So the illusion of differences, the illusion of free will choice serves to keep the trustees playing the adversary's game, which is simply to the keep the system of Cain, particularly the benefactors (beneficiaries of the trusts/uses) in their state or status of gods many and lords many exercising dominion over their trustees, the legal title holders, the corporate persons, whether natural persons or artificial persons. Goethe summed up the way of Cain as, "none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 447
Part II:

And its not the US treasury that holds the equitable titles and beneficial interest. Its the Federal Reserve, the IMF and other central banks, or Golden Calves.

Here is an example: If I write a note to Jeff Trask the owner of the local True Value hardware store here in Glenwood that reads, "Dear Jeff, please give Milan a package of #8 stove bolts, a package of #8 nuts and a package of #8 lock washers and I will pay you the next time I see you. Signed, Scott Hostetter." Milan takes MY note and goes to True Value, where Milan hands MY note to Jeff Trask. Jeffs reads MY note and walks over to the side wall rack and picks up all three packages with the items I requested. Then proceeds to the cash register, bags up the three items, places MY note in his cash register and hands the bags with the goodies to Milan.

Jeff Trask no longer owns the bolts, nuts and washers, in fact he never did, he was simply a trustee, a legal title holder, since he used a bank check to discharge the debt when he ordered the bolts, nuts and washers from his suppliers. Jeff has freely chosen to alienate himself from the legal ownership of the bolts, nuts and washers by accepting MY note. Milan is now the holder in due course, the trustee, the legal title holder. I am the equitable title holder since it was MY NOTE. In the real world, Jeff represents any person, natural or artificial that sells stuff in public business, commerce, Canaanite Trafficking, merchants, etc. that accept the "funny money" notes of the issuing banks, or Golden Calves. Milan represents all trustees, the legal title holders that use the "funny money" notes of the the issuing banks, or Golden Calves, to discharge their debts in equity. I represent the central bank, Golden Calf, that issued the note.

When Milan presented MY note and Jeff accepted MY note the constructive trust was automatically raised by operation of law. Neither Milan or Jeff had to do anything express to raise the trust. The trust is raised simply by the their very act of not obeying the Law of Nature and Nature's God, which is to PAY all debts at law with substance, something for something, NOT something for nothing, with the promise to pay at some later date. The Federal Reserve and other central banks, the Golden Calves are the persons that have the obligation to PAY, it is their responsibility, therefore he who takes the risk has the advantage, Just like it was MY note and MY obligation to PAY Jeff the next time I see him. That makes Me or central banks the responsible parties to pay the debts. But I am not holding, using or getting benefit from the stove bolts, nuts and washers, Milan is. So Milan is unjustly enriching himself by using MY note and getting the use of the substance without paying for it or being the responsible party for the debt, so again that is why the constructive trust is raised and the goodies, and Milan's labor and Jeff's labor and all the stuff of substance that transfers or is conveyed in this system using My notes is held in trust as collateral for the debts, so rules and regulations are written by the overseers and protectors of these trusts (Uncle Sam: congress, DOJ and IRS, etc.) and the trustees are bound to obey the rules and regulations that govern and control the trusts, which includes but is not limited to, getting licenses to operate the trust's automobiles, getting permits to build or remodel the trust's houses, giving an annual report to the protectors and overseers on April 15, of each trustees, legal title holder's, trust activities, profits, gains, losses, etc.

CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST. Trust created by operation of law against one who by actual or constructive fraud, by duress or by abuse or confidence, or by commission of wrong, or by any form of unconscionable conduct, or other questionable means, has obtained or holds legal right to property which he should not, in equity and good conscience, hold and enjoy...A constructive trust is a relationship with respect to property subjecting the person by whom the title to the property is held to an equitable duty to convey it to another on the ground that his acquisition or retention of the property is wrongful and that he would be unjustly enriched if he were permitted to retain the property." Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Ed. page 285.

The system of Cain is allowed to punish the wicked and unrighteous. The Law of Nature and Nature's God does NOT allow for discharge of debts in equity with paper, i.e. something for nothing. God's Law demands responsibility and payment of debts with substance. Just weights and balances. The constructive trusts are the instrument and operation of law that punish the wicked, those that freely choose to commit "unconscionable conduct or other questionable means" in order to obtain possession and use of stuff, which is "wrongful" and causes the covetous thief to be "unjustly enriched".

This is why when the time comes for the opportunity for an EXODUS and REDEMPTION, are YOU, the trustee, the legal title holder who has all this great stuff by unconscionable conduct and questionable means going to FREELY choose to surrender what you THINK you own to the actual responsible parties, the beneficiaries of the trusts, who are on the hook for the debts? OR are you going to scream and whine and cry and say that it is you stuff? Even though who freely chose to equitably convert your natural law right to your labor for the Canaanite privilege and hope of earning corporate profit and gain at the expense of your neighbor by freely choosing to become an employee and/or employer in order to wage and gamble for wages, salaries, gain, profit all INCOME, paid out to the winners of the wagers in the BANK's NOTES.

Vince you are nothing but an employee or employer, a human resource, chattel property of the Golden Calf, the Central Bank that OWNS you butt, lock stock and barrel. And the same is true of all US citizens. They are not after me because I am not trying to be unrighteous with "their" unrighteous mammon (entrusted wealth) US citizens that think they have liberty under God (the Creator), when they have privileges under the foreign and alien god called Uncle Sam.

When you stop wasting your time playing the Roman Civil Law game on its field and want to get serious about real liberty start by changing venues, the field in which you play, the Law of Nature and Nature's God, is the home field for real liberty and unalienable rights.
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 448
Hey Vince, so when are voluntary societies based on free will assembly, ever been considered cults?

Were the colonial Americans a cult? Were the Anglo-Saxons a cult? Were the Germanic Teutons a cult? How about the Partians, Scythians were they cults?

In the book "The Enterprise of Law: Justice without the State", Bruce L. Benson goes into great detail about a form of government that is not taught in modern texts books. It is commonly unknown that, "our modern reliance on government to make law and establish order is not the historical norm."

The historical norm is voluntary societies NOT based or bound together by contract, covenants and constitutions, but the higher liberty of free will choice to voluntarily assemble with others out of love, hope, charity, mutual respect, mutual defense, mutual faith (fidelity) and trust, under an unwritten law, the Law of Nature and Nature's God, which is made manifest in the customs and habits of the local community not bound by debt, contract, covenants or constitutions.

US citizens today are so far away from the truth it is like the truth is a one million piece picture puzzle and US citizens have a couple of pieces of the puzzle and they act like they know what the whole picture looks like. But this is the purpose of the public fool system, to turn out indoctrinated idiots that are trained to believe that their two puzzle pieces is all there is.

Voluntary society Vince, not a cult.

A former member
Post #: 234
dag it Scott, myself and another member made a bet on how long your post would be. I said two pages he said three, looks like i lost the bet.
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 449
dag it Scott, myself and another member made a bet on how long your post would be. I said two pages he said three, looks like i lost the bet.

What are you twelve years old? Can you make any legal or lawful claim that can disprove my legal positions, or do you just resort to throwing out insults and snide remarks when you have nothing but beliefs and delusions?
A former member
Post #: 235
Well first off, the problem that I have with people like you and those other people who call themselves the republic is how you believe in this mysticism that you guys believe in, like thinking there’s a magical way to break away from the US without having a BLOODY revolution.

The second thing I will talk about is the fact how you guys mix philosophy and the law together. Yes, in a perfect world that would be true, but guess what Scott it’s not. When you talk philosophy there is really no disagreement from me, but you also need to realize that everybody does not have the same beliefs that you have. For example, if I am an atheist, then half that stuff you talk about means nothing to me, and that’s something you need to realize. It’s called reality Scott. You might want to look that word up in the dictionary, here ill spell it out to you R-E-A-L-I-T-Y you might enjoy doing that since you spend pages after pages explain the meaning of words like you do so often.

Oh and one more thing, since you ask me about showing you legal proof about how you wrong hears one. You always talk about the word person and how it only means CORPORATION well guess what Scott, you’re wrong again. I have an accounting and business degree ill explain to you what it means.

The PERSON through time has always been a human being however because of the fact that you have corrupt politicians in 1819 on the Dartmouth college v Woodward case the US Supreme Court said it was a person because a corporation is a separate entity from the NATURAL person so, they called is a person.

So Scott, when you make this statement about a corporation being only a person that not true because there is a difference between a NATURAL PERSON and an ARTIFICIAL PERSON. One is natural because it was created by nature and one is artificial because it was created by government that’s the difference.

And if you don’t want to believe me then go to the Dartmouth College v Woodward case.
user 10283917
Glenwood, IA
Post #: 450
Maxims of Law: (and these are way older than Dartmouth College v Woodward)

"Homo vocabulaum est; persona juris civilitis. Man is a term of nature; person, of the civil law."

"Omnis persona est homa, sed non vicissim. Every person is a man, but not every man a person"

A person is a member of civil body politic or corporate. Both natural persons and artificial persons are members of the civil law body politic or corporate.

Black's Law dictionary 5th Edition. page 887. "MEMBER. one of the PERSONS constituting a family, partnership, association, corporation, guild, court, legislature of the like."

Under the Law of Nature, natural law, a family is a body or corpus. Notice that members are persons making up a corpus or a body of some sort.

Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, page 1028, "PERSON. In general usage, a human being (i.e. a natural person), though by statute term may include a firm, labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers....Corporation, a corporation is a person within the meaning of the equal protection and due process provisions of the United States Constitution."

Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, page 307, "CORPORATION. An artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of the state or nation, composed, in some rare instances, of a single person and his successors, being incumbents of a particular office [corporation sole], but ordinarily consisting of an association of numerous individuals. Such entities subsists as a body politic under special denomination, which is regarded in law as having a personality and existence distinct from that of its several members...."

I do NOT say that a person is a corporation, unless you are referring to a "corporation sole". A person is a "member" of a "corporation" or it is a corporation. What's the difference? As you stated Vince, An artificial person is a corporation, a natural person, being a term of the Roman Civil Law or Civil Law, is a member of a body politic or corpus [a corporation]. As in "US person", which is a member of the US body politic or corporate and is referred to as a US citizen and US national. See Title 8 USC Section 1101.

Get it straight Vince.

The reason I have to define words, Vince, is because most US persons aren't that bright, they were indoctrinated in legal fictions by Uncle Sam's public fool system.

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