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As of January 25, 2016, 954 Lesbians and Gals launched into history. If you are new to the area or looking for things to do, its a great time to join us in new adventures. The 954 group was initially created with the intentions of creating a valued professional lesbian-oriented meetup group.

The mission is to grow into a diverse group of lesbian ladies and gals who want to come out and get acquainted with others while choosing to socialize indoors or outdoors in laid-back friendly atmospheres that are welcoming and non-intimidating. Let's build healthy friendships. The hope is for us to find a new stomping ground that is friendly and one that can accommodate a large group of ladies on a regular basis. Something consistent to our central location which is Broward County, but also, accessible for lesbians and gals who live in the Tri-county areas of Palm Beach and Dade County. This central location will allow us to venture out in any direction in the Tri-county areas--even West, to enjoy repeat, different or new venues so we can enhance our adventures as we expand and tri-fold our circle of friends.

Ladies, let's make it worth it to come out, connect and chat over cocktails* and have limitless fun as we laugh, chill, dance, sing, party, chat, play, wine, dine, trivia, watch movies, relax on the beach, play sports, listen to poetry, jazz, comedy or a favorite DJ as we build long-lasting relationships that are real and tangible! No kids or men at the events, only legal adult ladies, not limited to but from the 954, 305, and 561 area codes are encouraged to join this meet up so you will no longer have a "void" after work and so that you will be in the "know" and "know" where to go to spend time with great, like-minded people to get out of the friggin' house or simply enjoy a house party.


You must have some kind of picture posted, either of your face or a flower. If you do not have a picture of your face, then you must voice verify and we will forward you the number after you submit your profile. Please voice within 12 hours after we send you the number. If not, then when you do voice, resubmit your profile. No one will be accepted without a picture and once a member, after we warn you, if you don't maintain a picture you will automatically be removed as a member.

Yes, you can be lesbian, straight, bi-, or and your sister, gay friendly gal-friends are welcome to come have fun with us--females ONLY. Only ladies are allowed at our events so please don't ask if your male cousin can come. Thank you!

Requirements: Work and play! And play some more. Lololol

Ok for real---Requirements: 21 years and older. I am asking all new members to voice verify so we can identify you are female and keep us safe then you may be invited to private house parties. Fyi the organizer and coorganizers may choose to voice verify your identity to keep us safe at any time and to avoid male trolls at anytime. So new members, please complete the questions and be prepared to voice verify once I have messaged you the phone number. This number is for you to text message me ideas, etc but not in urgent or emergent matters. Lets continue to chat in meetup or in person since I do not keep this phone on or on me at all times. I prefer you private message (PM) your questions, ideas or concerns in meetup first.

Membership Note to All Ladies,

Subject: undoing RSVPs

((( Please undo your RSVP early if you can not make an event. Myself and others are hosting the events--mostly myself, and I do have a full time job and a four-legged child that is quite demanding and needs me. So until I find reliable and fun coorganizers, and if you know that you are not coming, please do me the simple respect and courtesy to not RSVP or remove your RSVP.)))

Please note that I (we) are setting aside other personal events to have fun with you, like minded ladies, on my days off and so are the other ladies, so with that said, it is no fun if you do not show, lead up to believe you are showing but do not plan to follow through with your RSVP. I get it, unexpected things happen. Please continue to RSVP early to help keep me properly informed too for these events so I can update the venue. Please plan ahead but again it helps me if you undo your RSVP if there is any doubt even at the last minute. Some of you have been so kind to cancel RSVPs and even post that you can not make it and I thank you so much for that!

Also, if I learn that you are a repeat rsvp offender lolol..... then I will not take your RSVPs serious and I will not reserve your seat for special events since I am keeping track of attendance for all events or if the count is just the two if us, I might cancel to avoid far travels, and my thinking you are likely not to show. I appreciate your cooperation in this important matter and your professional response to honor this simple request. I mean this in the nicest way but organizers work hard to provide these evens. It is not easy and I am fortunate to have some top organizers in this 954 group-- you know who you are. Thanks for joining us. :)

Ok, enough of that. Back to the fun!!!

Each year, we will cover all of the tri-county gay prides and other special events.

Please have amazing weekends and come out and have some fun with us---you only live once so live it up! Thanks! 954 ladies.

*uber or lyft is highly recommended to and fro' all events if you are drinking alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly. If we uber together, you agree to exempt 954 lesbian and gals from any and all liability for public or private transportation. Lastly, beware, all events are DF and strictly enforced. If you feel that you are being stalked or harassed, please notify meetup.com and report your case immediately.

This is a no drama zone. Please don't call me concerning any relationship issues. I am here for fun only. I don't mind listening but I don't want to be in the middle of any kind of chaos. Everyone should be nice and polite. Handle your own business. I have a lot of respect for relationships and that is because I demand respect for mine. So play responsibly, "it's a small gay world after all." lol

In addition, it is dangerous to "drink and text" ex-girlfriends. It is an automatic TUI (text under-the-influence). lol

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