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Using Tarot to Prompt & Plot

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Using Tarot to Prompt & Plot: A Writing Workshop
By Cameron Ayers

The intention of this workshop is to give writers some techniques, using tarot cards, which will help them plot their stories, develop their characters, get past writer's block, and in general make the writing process more fun. It is designed so that no prior knowledge of tarot is necessary to participate or to benefit from the class. Similarly, while tarot is considered by many to be a spiritual tool, this workshopdoesn't delve into that aspect of it, so the class is friendly to people of all spiritual or religious paths, including non-spiritual or non-religious folks.

The workshop will involve a Power Point presentation, handouts and live writing exercises that attendees can participate in. The presenter will provide several tarot decks that attendees can using for the exercises, though depending on level of attendance people may need to share. Attendees are of course welcome to bring their own deck if they have one. Bringing paper and pen/pencil is also encouraged since we will be doing writing during the workshop.

The class will cover a brief history of tarot, an overview of the presenter's own experience working with tarot in relation to writing, a discussion of the deck we will be using and what makes it such a useful tool for writing, three writing exercises; one for plot development, one for character development, and one for addressing writer's block, and time after for Q & A.
First Christian Church
1314 SW Park Ave · Portland, OR
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