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It is time!!!! This group is about to burst into life. ..just like I have after years of crises and traumas! I simply can't wait to she with you the joy and freedom and possibility when w efinally Let it all go! Join me.you won't be disappointed!
It is possible to completely transform FEAR!

Patricia describes the disbelief after a session with Nuala. This can also be yours!

Just an example of how this work can radically change your life!

Who We ARe We are a friendly relaxed and open minded group for all ages and abilities to come together and experience, explore and learn. Our group is for anyone who wants to learn how to let go of unwanted tension and old habits in our bodies, our minds and emotions.That also means we welcome anyone wanting to create a happier future for themselves using tools and techniques that give us choice and increase our awareness while bringing body-mind release.

What do we do?We meet to explore together in a like minded group by learning and practising some of the oldest and newest self help methods of ALexander Technique and FasterEft. At each meeting we check in to see what is important for the members present, and what has come up for people in the course of their daily experience. There will be a short input and questions and answers and discussion. Everyone is encouraged to take an active part using the tools on themselves, with other members and as a whole group and so members borrow benefits from each other as we go along.Members discuss and share our personal insights and questions as to how these tools apply to their own life situations, and so every meetup gathering is different and exciting.

EXpect to be AMAZED!

Our intention is to share effective tools for self -healing and empowerment and transformation. We are really excited to bring together the Alexander technique and FAsterEft, both of which work with conscious use of the subconscious mind to let go and be free in mind and body, but from very different starting places and so each meetup will have its main focus but borrow from the other as seems useful to the members. Each meetup offers REAL TIme working with problems and issues brought by our members. The active demonstration and shared live work inspires us all and creates changes we all might want.

Alexander technique - BAck Pain, Tension, Everyday living; Breathing, Voice,Music,

Faster Eft - Stress Release, Chronic PAin, Anxiety, Addictions, Relationships, Trauma, Success at work....any problem!

Every meetup has opportunities to volunteer for hands on work with Nuala or Don , or any visiting expert, by way of demonstration while everyone else works on themselves or in pairs.

More about the Methods -

You will be amazed at how much people change in front of your very eyes when they release and let go. Each meetup has opportunities for hands on and self help.

FasterEft is a meridian tapping method that looks similar to EFT (Emotional ft freedom Technique ), but which has key differences and calls on other methodologies like NLP to create a very fast and powerful way to access and transform what we hold inside and so change old beliefs, traumas and emotional memories that have been affecting our bodies and minds, and dictating our successes and failures.Deep and lasting changes are possible as we learn ways to aim at the ways our unconscious operates throughout our being, and the better the aim the better the result.

ALexander Technique is more than 100 years old and is a profound method of releasing old unwanted muscular tension throughout the body, allowing us to recover the natural balance and poise we were born with.Over the years tensions influenced our habits, posture, flexibility and pains.It also assumes mind-body is a unified whole.

So, exploring these 2 fascinating methods together and seperately will allow meetup members to drive their own personal learning needs from the mind-body-emotions and body-mind approaches and discover what extra benefits are possible. All levels of experience are welcome to come to each meetup.

While each meetup gathering will cover the basic routines used everyone will be working with themselves, from wherever their starting point is and so we can all benefit from each and every gathering.

Minding Our Own Business!A wonderful part of both these approaches is that we do not need to talk about or share any of our personal stories in order to benefit. Indeed the story telling can even get in the way of using the skills and techniques according to the internal experience as it happens privately within us.So even if you are a shy or private person, you can still fit in as a member of this meetup group.This meetup is all about practising together.Members will of course be invited to share the changes that have happened in between meetups and to notice how each other is moving forward as a result of practise so there is a lot to be gained by coming along as a regular member.

Experienced 'tappers' are welcome and so are people with AT experience because all meetups are working from whatever is going on in the individual NoW.

Please Note There is a necessary disclaimer, even though we have never had to call it. - Its Important to note that this group is for educational purposes only. It is NOT Therapy and is NOT official training or Treatment, and we do not give medical advice or diagnosis.We will aim to create opportunities for tapping along, demonstrations, and practice exercises that members can then use at home and at work. Each person is expected to take full responsibility for their own learning. Where organizers feel that any member wants to use the group for personal treatment or medical advice, or seem otherwise to expect more from the group than a shared learning experience, they will be asked to leave to ensure their own safety and the relaxed and safe environment of the group.

Charges A charge of £10 will be raised for each event to cover refreshments, booking space and any handouts needed. * In case of personal hardship please just talk to the organizer about a reduced charge.

WHen? Meetups are scheduled monthly on third WEdnesday evenings. Check out our website for other events scheduled.

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