What we're about

Hi everyone! Welcome to our A+A Wellness Meet-Up Group! 😁

Alex & I are so excited to share our vast knowledge of health and wellness with you.

Together, we have 30+ years of combined experience helping others to achieve optimal health.

Here's a little about Alex & I in a nutshell. We are both crazy passionate about health! We started our business 12 years ago after Alex helped me to successfully lose 80 pounds (I know, right?!) I started my own journey at 208 pounds so I know firsthand what it's like to embark on this journey.

My husband, Alex, has a VERY powerful testimony of his own! It's an incredible testimony that you won't want to miss. Especially if you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or depression.


A+A Wellness is centered around education and we absolutely adore teaching people practical ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

A big way that we do this is through our series of free seminars, community events & so much more.

You'll notice that a lot of our meet ups are held at Whole Foods. We are so proud to partner with them and many of our events are held at their various locations around town.

Our topics include the following (and SO much more!):

• Weight-loss

• Bone Health Basics

• Thyroid Health

• Gut Health

• Addressing Adrenal Fatigue

• Meal Prep & Healthy Lifestyle tips

• Pregnancy Nutrition

• Sports Supplements

• Anti-Aging Benefits of Resistance Training

Alex is an ND, CNHP, CNC & CHS so truly, there isn't much be can't speak about! We always love to hear from our meetup Members too regarding topics of interest.

If you'd like to hold an A+A Wellness Meet-Up Event at your place of business, just let us know. We love meeting new people and helping our Community.

Here is to meeting YOU, having a blast and adopting the healthy lifestyle!

BTW- tell your friends about us! Any one who joins us from our Meetup page will be entered to win free things with A+A Wellness! 😁💪

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