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David A. Best Presents
A Bridge to the Dimension of the Sacred Feminine
Escorting the Female Back to Wholeness
Accompanied by Bato Kraguljac

Through words and music, you will bathe in the energies of Love and Harmony. You will sit in the Field of Creation and return to your Original Self. In this place, there will be forgiveness and a releasing from the role you have taken on in this incarnation. You will trade your coat of abuse, not being seen, not being heard, competition, jealousy, outward beauty, and suppression, for a new coat. A coat jeweled with Love, Honor, Respect, Acknowledgement, Diamonds, Rubies, and Pearls; weightless and full of Light, taken directly from the Throne Room of Source. You will remember your Majesty and Grace, your Inner Beauty, and your Essence, which is the Creator of All That Is. Now you will feel yourself at Home and in all your Power, totally free and ready to join in partnership with the Divine Masculine who has awaited your return. You are the Power, and We are the Love. Please take my hand, and we will Fly, Fly, Fly… I (David) will read selections from my original work, and I will show you how I SEE YOU, I will show YOU HOW LOVE SEES YOU. I will be joined by Bato, and through the power of his Divine Masculine Presence you will feel safe to open your Heart. He will hold Space and Seal your Initiation into the Sacred Dimension of the Feminine. This will be an event that every woman should attend! It will be powerful and moving, and after experiencing it, you will never be the same. I look forward to seeing you.
Love, David

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