The Emotional Connection - It's more than what you may think!

A Conscious Partner - Saskatoon
A Conscious Partner - Saskatoon
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Yes, this is the 3rd event of the weekend, but it is also the most eye opening!

There are both positive and negative emotions for a reason. Positive emotions help us define what we do want and negative emotions help us to identify things we don't want.

As kids, we don't always understand our emotions, but as we grow, we develop the ability to identify our emotions and put them into words. We develop "Emotional Awareness" or "Emotional Intelligence."

Definition - "Emotional Intelligence is the measure of an individual’s abilities to recognize and manage the emotions of other people, as well as their own emotions, both individually and in groups."

Your "IQ" measures your Intelligence Quotient. Your "EQ" or EI" measures your Emotional Intelligence, a key factor in the formation and development of your close personal relationships.

What is an Emotional Connection?
An Emotional Connection happens when you can trust your partner "emotionally." You trust that your partner is supportive, committed, respectful and engaged in the relationship.

A couple that is connected emotionally will give each of them more strength to deal with issues as they arise.

Failure to read and respond accordingly to other people’s emotional cues can, over time, derail almost any relationship.

Conversely, the benefits of having an emotional connection are significant. Increased respect, a better sexual connection, amazing conversations, improved communication skills, better moods and a lot more fun!

As with all of our events, you can be assured of interesting conversation, lots of laughs and a fun, interactive environment.

Come on out and have some FUN!

Once again, we will be at Hudson’s Pub in the great private room there.

You can pay at the door or you can pay ahead of time!
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