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A Healthy Weigh of Life Nutrition and Wellness Group Health Coaching Workshop
● Jump start your weight-loss plan for the Spring
● Participate in Weekly Group Health Coaching Workshops with a Licensed Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach
● Participate in Peer Accountability Coaching in between Sessions.
● Participate in Mindful Intention Setting and Guided Visualization to Achieve Wellness Goals
● Learn about and practice diet strategies such as Crowding out and Bio Diversity.
● Discover the difference between Primary and Secondary Foods for Whole Wellness
● Confront and Reduce triggers and compulsions to overeat excess empty carbohydrates, high sugar and processed foods and beverages.
● Continue to fine tune the nutrition journey from the standard American Diet to Bio Individual Whole Food Nutrition with the team support of Peers on the same path.
● No Purchase of Nutritional Products as part of the program. Whole Food Nutrition is a lifestyle change not a tool or product to use to achieve a result and discontinue. No Purchase of Nutritional Products as part of the program.

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Active Outdoor Wellness Retreat

Bare Cove Park

A Healthy Weigh of Life through Different Times

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