Loving Kindness Meditation

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Meditators, Lightworkers, Peace-bringers, Reiki practitioners, Healthcare workers, Compassionate hearts, and all those who just want to see the world change in a positive way -
JOIN US JULY 24th, at 8PM
At A Higher Plane, 311 W. 3rd Street, Grand Island, NE For a world-wide kindness meditation!

We are tuning in with an estimated 20,000 people who will be meditating in Denver City Park at this time in a guided meditation dedicated to building a stress-free, violence-free society rooted in kindness and connection. We'll be streaming the meditation led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and ALL are welcome to join in for as long or short as they are able. Coffee/Tea and light snacks will be available, the meditation should begin around 8:30PM.
(after hours, please use the back entrance, if joining in after 8:30 please honor the meditation and come in quietly.)

If you cannot make it in to the shop to join in PLEASE send your thoughts, prayers, and intentions to this cause. The lack of loving kindness and connection in our current world situation is at the root of nearly ALL the traumas we are experiencing currently. Addiction, violence, conflict and war, all of these things seem so much bigger than us as individuals, but TOGETHER we CAN bring the world into balance again. Alone, we are single drops of love. Together, we are an ocean of love. Together, we are POWERFUL!

Be part of the change: americameditates.org.

This groundbreaking meditation will be livestreamed from Denver City Park in partnership with Unify and Gaia!