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This meetup group is best suited for those actively pursuing a way to earn a living through the foreign exchange market. You can meet others with your ambition and learn about the options available to you here.

For many years now, I've been chasing the dream of how to trade the financial markets as a sustainable operation that will consistently earn enough income for a living. I didn't start with Forex; I had a run with equity stocks, options, commodities and practically everything else under the sun, but Forex is where I ended up. We can discuss some of the many good reasons for this at our meetup.

I've created a purely technical semi-automated algometric chart trading technique that is more like a mining and harvesting extraction operation and not just the simple process of trading Forex the traditional way. I refer to this extraction process as a dynamic digital volatility data mining and harvesting operation. It is a very complex process carried out using several scripted algorithms and an A.I charting and trading platform that I created; and yet, as complex and sophisticated as it is, it is surprising very easy to use. All you're really ever doing is just simply choosing, editing and pasting templates; and it only takes up about 20 to 30 minutes of your time each day.

I truly believe this is the total Forex solution because of my perfect track record in producing annual returns ranging from 15% to 40% and more with minimal short term risk and literally zero risk to your trading capital when trading over periods longer than a month; I have a perfect track record so far with regards to always earning a significant profit and no net loss even for short term investing periods slightly shorter than one month. I can think of no other A.I algorithm driven system out there for trading that will protect your capital as well as this one. I'm not asking you to believe me, but only attend one of my meetups (online or in person) and try it for free; I will teach you to learn how to use my technology and discuss possibilities with you.

It always makes me chuckle when people argue with me and say that this 15% to 40% annual return isn't so impressive. They tell me they can beat my returns... doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their money in no time. What's even more questionable is that these delusional people weren't even quoting annual returns, but boasting 50%, 100%, to multiple hundreds of percent monthly. That couldn't be true logically otherwise $ 10000 would become 1.3 million dollars in one year and 168 million dollars in just two years. Think about this for a second; there wouldn't be enough money in the world to pay off everyone using such a system.

I'm not saying that such high returns is not possible for some extremely very lucky people, only that it's improbable given that the trading risk that they would have had to subject their capital too is so unforgivably high that they are most certainly going to end up blowing their account.

If you are interested in my technology, I can grant you access to learning about it and using it to mastering the returns I have claimed. Simply join my next totally free in person meetup or live webinar. Contact me here or on calendly.com get started, ( https://calendly.com/kingohen/meeting ).

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