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An experimental group hoping to create a social setting for people who are attempting to live their lives with a substantial dose of honest self inquiry. If you are doing such a thing you may come to notice that many social circumstances are a minefield of silly games people play with one another, and more "serious" settings are often trying to push a particular fairy tale and/or trying to sell you something. So the goal here is to create a social group where we can dial down pretense, make believe, and social manipulations and attempt to have a more candid and direct interaction.

Some of this may be totally casual (and if so, could involve plenty of friendly BS, just trying to cut it out the more oppressively ridiculous psychological dynamics). If there is interest, other times could involve more serious conversation and/or study topics, or watching/reading something as a group. Some things this group is about:

- Trying to always be honest and candid in discussions. Not quite about "radical honesty" since some people take that as a license to be inconsiderate, but treading into that territory short of the rudeness.

- A place you can discuss more serious subjects objectively or critically with less threat of reactionary nonsense/noise from various dumbed-down, polarized and sensational ideologies that are being pushed harder every day in the public sphere.

- Being/getting comfortable with various degrees of uncertainty and "not knowing" in regards to things that are highly complex or not/entirely knowable.

- Maintaining some degree of awareness of our own human egos and not inflicting them too aggressively on others (manipulations, pecking orders/top-dogging, etc)

- If desired, a place to engage in some discussions specifically aimed at understanding ourselves, human nature/behavior, psychology, "spirituality,"* etc.

- An outlet for people with interest in personal growth, self awareness or consciousness that isn't immediately polluted by dogma or some new age woo woo fairy dust vibefest.

- If not bothering to be serious at all, just a place where people can put a bit more emphasis on being true to themselves rather than selling themselves.

*(in quotes since this topic deals with some things that standard psychology and philosophy aren't always too good with, like the idea of self, but realizing that thinking that one thing in life is more "spiritual" than another may be patently absurd).

People are imperfect, hence the group name for incrementally dialing back our own insanity or reducing our levels of ignorance, as opposed to "floating in mid air farting enlightened rainbows," but if honesty, candor, and self awareness is important to you to a significant degree (not just when it's convenient to get you something you want), this could be a place for you.

If that's not your thing, or you have some other agenda to push (social, political, or religious) there are plenty of other groups for you. This is not the place or ideologues and their kin.

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