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We are a laid-back, come as you are group of homeschooling families with kids of all ages who gather for events in Fort Worth and the surrounding area. Our group is very active and meets regularly so that our children have the opportunity to build strong friendships. Our families are diverse and consist of varying ethnicities, religions, abilities, and homeschooling styles. Our group provides homeschooling families with social interactions so that we can connect and support one another.

Here are a few rules we’ve established to help keep our group running smoothly:

1) We do not judge differing philosophies of education, curricula, support mechanisms, etc. held by individual families.

2) We ask that your profile consist of a recent picture of you along with your actual first name. We will not accept your membership request if you do not adhere to this.

3) We ask that members commit to participating in at least 1 event per month if at all possible. Non-active members (any member that we do not see in a three month time span) will be removed from the group. Please note: we will not issue a refund for your membership dues in this case.

4) ATTENDANCE POLICY: Our organizers put a lot of time, money, and effort into our events. If you RSVP to an event, please honor your commitment. It’s completely understandable that things come up. If this occurs, please change your RSVP, comment on the event page, or call/text the organizer in a timely manner (prior to the event). Anyone who no shows to ANY event 3 times will be removed from the group. IF YOU NO SHOW TO AN EVENT WITH A WAIT-LIST, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

5) Some of our events are designed for a specific age range and are marked as such in the event title. Please check with the organizer of these events before bringing any younger siblings to make sure it's appropriate.

6) Our parent events (usually marked as MNO) are for the homeschooling parent only (be it mom or dad). Nursing babies are also welcome!

7) While younger siblings of homeschooling families are always welcome to our all ages events, our group is for homeschooling kids ages 4 and up. If you have a child that you are planning on homeschooling but they are currently under the age of 4, we recommend looking into an early childhood playgroup in your area.

8) Our group is for active homeschooling families ONLY. If you are thinking about homeschooling and would like information about how our specific homeschool group works, please feel free to message any of our organizers.

9) Many of the families in our group could easily be described as free-range. That being said, there is a vast difference between free-range and not ensuring your children are safe. Your children's safety is your responsibility. If we see your children continually being put in harm's way, you will be removed from the group.

10) While we strongly believe in creating an environment where children can work on their conflict resolution skills in a loving and nurturing setting with other homeschooling families, violence will NOT be tolerated. We understand that with certain ages, and intellectual abilities/disabilities, there may be some misunderstandings. That being said, any child who consciously seeks out to intentionally hurt or injure another child in a violent manner will be removed from the group immediately. No exceptions.

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Mondays @ NRH2O Family Water Park

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NRH2O Family Water Park

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KidMania (Fort Worth)

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Kids Bowl Free @ Alley Cats Hurst

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