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Ready to take your dating and romantic life to the next level?

Welcome to A Modern Woman's Guide to Romance & Dating. We provide the framework, atmosphere, and planned experiences that get you out in the real world, meeting real men, and having experiences and relationships that last a lifetime.

We listen to where you are in life and make certain that REAL movement and relationships show up for you!!!

Have you ever wondered…

- Why doesn't he call back?

- Why is he SO nervous?

- Why wasn't he interested in me?

- Why didn't he come over to say hi?

- How do I not scare him away?

- Why do I always end up with immature jerks? or

- Why do I always end up with wimps that can't seem to handle a real women?

We cover all of the above questions and many more in 6 structured classes, spaced out over 3 months, that includes classes and outings where you'll mingle with REAL men.

Why is this program less expensive then a day at the spa?

It’s because we are PROJECT 5TH ST, a registered NON-PROFIT, dating and coaching organization. We are a team of highly experienced dating and relationship coaches, with over 5 years experience, that enjoy contributing to our awesome city in a way that is fun and easy:)

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