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This community is for you if you are a Highly Sensitive Person / Empath who loves adventure, connecting with others, positive psychology, and learning how to develop your Highly Sensitive gifts/strengths. In this community, we see sensitivity as a strength and a superpower that needs to be cultivated and developed in order to be used in the way it was meant to. Why not learn how to develop your strengths as a HSP and meet others in the process who want the same thing?

The 4 common traits that distinguish a Highly Sensitive Person include:
1. Depth of Processing (we think deeper about things)
2. We have a finely tuned nervous system that can lead to overstimulation if not managed properly
3. We are more emotionally responsive and many of us are highly Empathic.
4. We are detail oriented and pay attention to details. We notice things others don't notice.

20% of the population has the innate trait of high sensitivity. It occurs equally in men and women and is found in all species. HSPs can be Extroverts as well as Introverts and this trait is expressed in every ethnic and cultural background. Find out here if you are a Highly Sensitive Person: http://hsperson.com/test/ and I'll see you at our next live or virtual event. Looking forward to meeting you.

With love,
Karina Antonopoulos
Relationship Coach for Highly Sensitive People
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