What we're about

Sometimes it's difficult to slow down and take the time to read, write, sketch, study, mediate, or do other relaxing hobbies. This group is about setting aside some quiet time to focus.

I've run the Japanese Cooking Meetup group for about 3 years. I'm the type of person who never slows down, and I'm starting this group not only because I love hosting events, but I hope to benefit from it as well.

We'll be meeting in small (4 people) groups at my small apartment in the Hayes Valley neighborhood in San Francisco to take time to work on whatever you want. I have a small, low table and 4 cushions (or a couch) for you to sit on.

There are some stipulations:

1. For the most part, we won't be talking! I know that sounds strange, but some of us might want to study or meditate. We'll talk at the beginning, briefly, then I'll ask that everyone refrain from conversation.

2. Events will be 2 hours long with a break (to talk, share, etc) after the first hour. Of course, you're welcome to leave at any time. This is for you. :-)

3. WIFI will _not_ be provided. This is to encourage you to disengage from the internet. I'll ask that you turn off your cell phone during the events.

4. Whatever you do should be no louder than typing on a keyboard. No tuba practice, Yodeling, etc.

That's it! I must admit, this is a bit experimental. I hope that it's helpful!

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Bret's Small Apartment

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