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What we’re about

A Scrum Book Meetup <Cityname>

The group is for sharing the knowledge in "A Scrum Book" with the community. The format is to go through the patterns in the book in monthly iterations. At each session, we will discuss on 2 to 3 patterns, facilitated by one or more of the book authors or some local enthusiastic.

Participation is free and you do not need to buy the book. We will provide the patterns as pdf for those joining the session. There will be some time reserved for reading and re-reading so there is no requirement for having patterns memorized beforehand.

People joining will gain a deeper understanding of the Scrum via the patterns and will also learn from other people's experiences. Anyone interested in Scrum and willing to learn more is welcome. 

There are subgroups in various cities around the world that are synchronized so that same patterns are read during the same month.

If you want to progress faster you can always purchase the beta eBook from The paper version is to be released in November 2019.