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Manhattan is our paradise garden with ample photographic opportunities. This group is for amateur photographers who would like to improve their skills through practice and sustained self education. Why do some photographs work while some do not? How should we correctly expose a photograph? I am an amateur myself, and do not know all the answers. However, much of the enjoyment of photography is the thinking process that goes on before the shutter is clicked. We will read books, practice and most importantly teach each other as we learn. And Manhattan in all its variety will be our playground.

My intent is to put together a group of regulars, and together we will be set ourselves on a path of self education in photography. This group is for you if (a) you have the dedication and time to devote to photography, (b) have a digital camera with manual settings, (c) open to constructive criticism of your work. The current plan is:

One meeting will be to discuss composition. I have chosen Michael Freeman's series: The Photographer's Eye. We will discuss one chapter, and take/share photographs illustrating the materials.
The second meeting will be to discuss exposure. This is much easier to learn, so in the future we will probably have a combination of other digital or technical issues like Lightroom.
I'd also like to put together informal photowalks over some weekends to actually go out and practice what we learn. These plans will evolve as we come together as a group.

So if you are a dedicated amateur with the time to devote and looking for similar minded people,welcome and see you all at the next meeting.

Past events (5)

May I Meeting: Exposure

Central Park

Mar Meeting II

Artrium of 60 Wall street.

Mar Meeting I

Artrium of 60 Wall street.

Feb Meeting I

CIticorp Atrium

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