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A Worthy Cause [www-worthycause-nj.org] is a statewide 'community group' [over 270 strong in 1 year!], that is dedicated to volunteerism in the State of NJ. Formed in November, 2008, we work to bring together people and charitable groups of all sorts [churches, Girl Scouts, police/fire depts, environmental and animal groups, Habitat for Humanity, etc] for purpose of doing 'important, large scale/coordinated projects,' which will aid our collective communities, and improve the lives of those in need, esp in these harsh economic times.

At the heart of our group's being is the belief that 'one person' can have an EFFECT on matters, but that a large GROUP of people can make a great IMPACT on the same. At the same time, the 'more the merrier,' so we make volunteering FUN! We are Incorporated, and expect to be fully 501[c]3 certified as a tax free, non-profit organization shortly, when our paperwork is finalized.

In the recent past, we have held the following meetups:
1] A 'Santa Fun Run/Community Day' a unique event whereas we and FOP Lodge #79 worked together to donate Santa Claus suits to all runners/walkers willing to run/walk a 1/2 mile and donate an unwrapped toy to Toys for Tots. We also provided free food and drink, free holidays crafts and fun activities for kids, holiday music [via local radio station, on site], and free pics with Frosty the Snowman, and/or Santa.
2] Organized [2] Coordinated, inter-county/statewide food drives, in front of supermarkets. Our drives on 4/3 through 4/5/09, resulted in over 5,500 lbs of food being raised between [30+] volunteers, in [7] diff towns! Woot Woot!
3] Assisted Clean Ocean Action clean up the beaches in Sandy Hook, on a glorious day, 4/25/09!
4] Hosted a 'Bake for Hope' Bake Sale, which was one of over [60] [most held in major U.S. cities] nationwide, the proceeds of which went to help with breast cancer research, and care/services for women without health care. [5/6/09]
5] Delivered and laid out HUNDREDS of square ft of mulch and top grade topsoil for seniors, vets, and persons with limitations, so that they too can enjoy their yard/gardens. [5-6/09]
6] Assisted Hopewell Township [Mercer Cty] in the creation of [2] 100% grassroots-funded playgrounds! [6/20/09]
7] Organized two food drives, in support of two food pantries that were in desperate need in food. All tolled, we raised approx [3,000] lbs of food, and over {$150] in cash in [12] total hours! [6/27 and 6/28]
8] On July 12th, 25th, and 26th, we worked at the beach in Long Branch and Brick, with 'The Best Day Foundation,' helping special kids with needs surf, body board, and play on the beach!
9] Partnered with Habitat for Humanity to restore the home of a low income, senior in Neptune, {Aug 8th}
10] Collected {$122} in cash, and over [924] lbs of items, including [634] lbs of food, and [290] lbs of pet shelter 'supplies,' to benefit the Monmouth County SPCA, Eatontown. Pets and animal shelters have been the quiet victims of the economic fallout, and this event's success did a lot to help out the SPCA! {Sept 12th}
11] Helped Clean Ocean Action sweep the beach in Ocean City {Cape May County} of trash! All tolled, we collected approx [5] bags of trash/recyclables off of the beach, including hundreds of rusty nails, cigarette
butts, and general trash items. {10/24}

12] Bought [2] cases [28 boxes] of Girl Scout Cookies, which were in turn, donated/shipped overseas to our military troops! [March '10]
13] March of Dimes March for Babies [4/25, Ocean Grove]

14] Raised [$295] to fight breast cancer, and an additional $90 to put towards a college scholarship for a needy student, at our 2nd Annual 'Bake for Hope' Bake Sale, at Brookdale College [5/5/10, Lincroft, NJ]

15] 'Senior citizen/Veteran/Disabled Person Assistance Month.' People helped out individual seniors or vets in their own town, in their own way [baking, yardwork, assistance, etc] 5 members involved! [May 2010]

***We are now set to:

1] Food drive [Acme-Lincroft, NJ, and/or intercounty ] to help out local pantries [July, 2010]
2] A repeat of many of the events which were held in 2009, our inaugeral year! :)

As we say at AWC, we are only limited by the the imaginations, and inspirations, of our members!

So come out to one of our future meetups and DEFINITELY sign up at our main website [ http://www.worthycause-nj.org/ ] for more info/updates. If you have any questions, or ideas, or are interested in becoming an 'organizer' in your community, please drop me a line [rob.aworthycause@yahoo.com], or come out and meet with us! You'll love what we've started! :)

Upcoming events (4)

Host a spaghetti dinner to benefit Operation Gratitude
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Bagging for Chiari
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Bag for customers at a supermarket for the Chiari Awareness Foundation. Chiari malformation is a condition whereby the brain stem descends into the spinal column causing an array of symptoms. My son has it, and has had 2 brain surgeries already. You can get more info @ www.conquerchiari.org

Shoe Boxes for the Phillipines
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

This is just like Operation Christmas Child, but instead of preparing Christmas shoe boxes for children, we'll be filling shoe boxes with the little necessities such as toothbrushes, soap, etc. for the people of the Phillipines. The Red Cross would be the ones to ship them.

Help the United Way
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

(UWRNJ814) United Way's Rebuild NJ seeks volunteers to serve on the front lines of the Superstorm Sandy recovery effort. Participate in a variety of construction-based rebuilding projects that are helping to get individuals and families back into their homes. Projects include: demolition & gutting, insulation, installing sheet-rock, painting, finish/trim work and property beautification. All volunteers are trained and led by experienced construction supervisors. Opportunities are available throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Minimum age of 18 through seniors and groups are welcome.

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Climate Change Rally

Riverside Gardens Park

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