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This Meetup group is here to encourage and support busy professionals in SW London to practice yoga regularly by making a commitment to each other to show up on the mat.

If you are over 40, love Yoga and socialising with like minded people, but sometimes struggle to make time for your practice because, life, this group is for you. The events are short, 2h30 to 3h (1h15 class and circa 1h lunch) and can easily fit a busy agenda, either during week nights or over the weekend. Show up for practice, have a bite together, carry on with your day!

For each event, I will propose a class in a reputable studio well in advance so that everyone can book their class with the studio and I will arrange a lunch in a cafe or eatery near the studio. Because the bite after yoga is still yoga. The events are limited to five or six so that we can get to know each other and, why not, make new friends.

Important disclaimer: Yogi from all paths and levels are welcomed but take full responsibility for ensuring that classes proposed work for them on every level - type of yoga, level of practice, teacher. The organiser is not a yoga teacher and not affiliated with any studio nor this is sponsored by any studio. You are responsible for your own booking. If for any reason the event had to be cancelled, it would always be in line with the cancellation policy of the studio so that nobody is out of pocket.

Check my other group too - a different type of Meetup (but still involving food): 40+ London Capital Ring Walk and Lunch.

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