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A little bit of everything Meetup

You may wonder what the purpose of this group is. Does it have no specific goal? No certain activity it is aiming at?
It actually is an umbrella for all things that you may want to do, activities you want to share with new and old friends, but not having to be a member of a single purpose Meetup. Here you can talk about coffee in your book group, movies in your bowling group and skiing when you hike...you get the point.
This Meetup is created so all members can do that, talk about anything and everything without a specific label. Let’s go hiking, watch a live band, sit and have coffee, meet at the arcade for fun gaming or a weekly dinner to explore the tastes of life.

Past events (30)

Morristown Scavenger Hunt

Needs a location

Chester Food Truck Festival

Chester Gazebo/Municipal Field

Tea Time

Sally Lunn's Tea Room & Restaurant

Let’s meet some wolves

Lakota Wolf Preserve

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