PUXL, the Accessibility-First Framework: What is it and How Does it Work?


The Web is not accessible and we need to solve this. This is true not only for functionally diverse people but for everyone, no matter who, when, where or what the situation. PUXL framework is a collection of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code patterns that help you create accessible and modern Web interfaces following WCAG 2.1 AA standards by default. We will show the benefits of using PUXL framework and how to use it in your projects.
Presenter Bio
Iñigo Garcia is human and a designer. Even though he was born with malformation in both arms he managed with no problem in the world. He started studying Graphic and Web Design in 2003 and has stuck to the Web since then. He has been interested in science, technology, social issues and constantly learning as the Web evolved. His professional background encompasses technology, design and science, and he has worked in England and Germany. In recent years, he started working on a team to create a startup for developing open technologies that bring solutions to Web accessibility problems.