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Box Hill, the Stepping Stones and Surrey Hills Areaof Outstanding Natural Beauty
Join me for a 9 mile ish hike around the Area ofOutstanding of Natural Beauty in Surrey including the famous box hill. Known as London's outdoor playpark, (you'll see a lot of Lycra down there on a weekend as cyclists zoom down the roads and outdoor runners pant up and down the hills. This route is a still new , but we'll start by crossing the picturesque stepping stones over the river underneath box hill then hiking up Box hill itself for some great views. If you know the area, we'll then go through the piney wooded bit and down to that little village down the road then over the road and back to Box hill walking along the river. You need to be up for exploring* (Exploring may involve getting lost) :) Meet Time I will be meeting the group at Box Hill and Westhumble station from the 09.50 train. The fare is not huge to Box Hill from London (£10.00) but if you are going through Waterloo anyway and wish to get a discount use the message board to see if anyone else wants to meet at London Waterloo, at 08.30 you will then have time to go and get a group discount (33% off for 3 or more people) and get on the 09.02 train to Box Hill. You will want to get in the queue for the ticket office by 08.40. If you do this meet outside the "Fat Face Shop, INSIDE Waterloo station, it is on the mezzanine level above the station concourse. If you get a group ticket you must travel both ways with the group. I don't think there is anywhere to get lunch so make sure you bring food. We will stop for a 30 minute or so break along the way to eat some sandwiches etc. Distance: 9 miles (very ish) . Walking Time: 3.5 hours approx, excluding lunch Lunch: 30 mins Difficulty level: 7/10, some hills, you need to be in good physical fitness to join this hike. Things to bring: Sandwiches for lunch, there is no where to get food on route. Bring some munchies for the way round anyway! Water! - At least 1 litre Wear layers of clothes, and hiking boots/shoes. Return time: There is no specified return time.At the end of the hike we will get to the pub and have a drink and everyone will have the opportunity to order food, after that we head home. Evening Plans Please don't come if you want to be back in time for any "evening plans", we will not be back in time and you will annoy me by asking if we will be back in time. Please don't do it! Go and annoy Graham or Geoff or Pash or Gary or Mischa, or anyone else but not me. I bite! Cost: FREE Important: You must be able to at least run 100 meters for a bus to join one of our hikes. Please always check your e mail and this web site for any updates before leaving for each event. ….............................................................................................................................. Plan your Journey to this MeetUp here: TFL Journey Planner Worried about coming on your own? More on walking pace, and questions about distance, footwear, weather, return train times or safety? Refer to our frequently asked questions on the Message Board (under discussions). If I can do anything to make this walk more accessible please get in touch by sending me a text message or voicemail. N.B: You will be required to fill in a next of kin form, if you don't want to do this we are unable to take you on the event. Check out our Facebook page:

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