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FREE! The Arun River, Water Meadows, Thatched Roofs and a Minature Castle!
This is a great walk going straight through the Water Meadows of the Arun Valley, one of the less common habitats of the UK We'll start at Pulburough and hike down to Amberley where we can check out the pretty village and Castle. The route first passes a small aqueduct then goes over a disused railway, before catching up with the Arun River. We then take a short cut through the water meadows of the river valley. Amberley as well as being a quaint town fullof thatched roofs, also has it's own Castle, and a great Pub to have dinner at. The valley of Arun has a unique habitat rich in wildlife and biodiversity. The valley features undisturbed wet grassland surrounded by woodlands. Some of the species who call Arun valley home are kingfishers, warblers, dragonflies, glow-worms, grass snakes, water shrews and water voles. More beautiful scenery is very hard to find. At the end of the day we will go for a drink in a nice pub in Amberley and everyone will have the opportunity to have something to eat, after that we will head back to London. Meet Time 1: 11:00am Meeting Point 1: London Victoria Overland station, At the bench inside the station next to the "The Beer House" Pub. This is behind the information stand at the platform 2-7 end of the station. If you don't know Victoria well, it's a very big station, leave a spare 10 minutes to find the meeting point. Meeting Point 2: Pulborough Station Train arrives at 12.49. No waiting at the second meeting point. Please state in the comments if you plan to meet us there. Distance: 8 miles aprox Walking Time: 3.5 hrs Lunch Break: 40 mins End time: No fixed end time it's a full day out. Difficulty: 7/10, moderate terrain but not short . This is relatively flat terrain, although you do need to be in good physical fitness to join this hike, you should at least be able to run 100m for the bus to join any of our walks. Hike Finishes at: Amberley Returning to: London Victoria Cost Hike is FREE Train is around £22.00 using a group discount. I will put people into groups at the meeting point. Pay on the day Bring the right cash, you won't be able to use a card. Things to bring: WATER!- at least 1 litre Bring sandwiches - There is no half way pub on the hike we will break along the way for lunch. Wear layers/water proofs suitable for the weather on the day, hiking boots or shoes, the ground can be wet in the meadows, if it's been raining expect mud. Evening Plans Please don't come if you want to be back in time for any "evening plans", we will not be back in time and you will annoy me by asking if we will be back in time. please don't do it! Go and annoy Graham or Geoff or Pash or Gary or Mischa, or anyone else but not me. I bite! Important: - You must be able to at least run 100 meters for a bus to join any of our events - Always check the group website for live updates to meeting point and directions before leaving for an event! - As the majority of our members come by themselves you can only bring a maximum of two guests to our events Plan your Journey to this MeetUp here: TFL Journey Planner Worried about coming on your own? More on walking pace, and questions about distance, footwear, weather, return train times or safety? Refer to our frequently asked questions on the Message Board (under discussions). Check out our Facebook page:

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